Although most areas have gas stations on every corner, finding an EV charging station can be difficult. New drivers who may not realize there are tips for planning their route before leaving home are the ones who suffer the most. Luckily, there are plenty of useful apps out there that can help you navigate on a full charge no matter where you go. We’ve listed the 10 best electric vehicle charging card apps for 2022 and beyond here, so you can try them out to see which works best for you.

Charging point

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Charging point promises access to thousands of charging points whether you are in North America or Europe. The easy-to-use app shows you where you can get a charge based on price and speed. If there are charges, you can pay them from your phone or card. Beyond that, you can immediately see how much money you’re saving by using the card.


On the ChargeHub app, you can find charging stations wherever you are. It allows you to see if there is space available for you, the level of the station, the stations compatible with your vehicle, etc. There are stations along the east coast, west coast, southern states, and scattered throughout the central United States. You can plan your trips based on where a load is most easily located. Also, if you need a charger for your home, this can help you find the best deals.

load plan

With load plan, your smartphone becomes a route planner that shows you the shortest distance to the nearest charging station. It gives you access to the Chargemap community, where other drivers help each other. The company was created in 2009 when the founder, Yoann, needed a load and couldn’t find one. However, the business only really took off in 2011, when charging station documentation became possible. Since the map shows any charging station, it’s good no matter where you are in the US.

charging way

the charging way The EV card has many features that many will find useful. It shows you quick views and station details and lets you set filters. There’s even a charging timer to keep track of how much time you’ll spend at the charging station based on remaining charge and power levels. The map and charging stations in this app are color coded to make it even easier for you to travel, so you know where to go for the best charge for your Tesla, CCS Combo or CHAdeMO charging ports.

EV connection

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Since 2009, EV connection provided reliable charging support for electric vehicles. The company has an application trusted by many people and an always available customer support team. With this app, you can find out where the nearest charge is based on your location, power levels provided, and ease of access to EV Connect.


EVgo charging stations are available in 35 states, and the company promises there are more than 800 stations, with more to be added. Primarily, EVgo stations are available all along the east coast, but are scattered in locations and states across the country. Since the company opened in 2010, it has promised accessibility and reliability to more than 300,000 customers.


EVmatch is a peer-to-peer charging network accessible virtually anywhere in the United States. The company strives to make charging easy, reliable and accessible to anyone who owns an electric vehicle. One thing that sets it apart from most charging companies and apps is that EVmatch lets you reserve a charging spot.

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With the VE Hotels app, you can plan the perfectly “charged” road trip as it tells you where to stay and where to recharge. It lets you enjoy over 25,000 EV hotels and 100,000 roadside charging stations no matter where you are in the world. If there is no hotel that offers charging, the app can show you places to charge within walking distance.

Open the fee map

the Open the fee map The app is exactly as it looks, a map showing you all the nearby EV station locations you can use. It allows users to travel based on locations that allow you to top up and see photos, ratings, and comments from people who have used the station before. The app claims it has the most comprehensive public registry of electric vehicle charging stations available and is suitable for all of the United States.


PlugShare lets you find EV stations and see photos of nearby location traffic in real time. There are tips and tricks drivers can use to make charging easier, which is great for new EV owners. With it, you can filter out stations that won’t charge your vehicle, ensuring you don’t waste your time waiting for a charge at a station that won’t work for your electric car.

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