A new language, a new currency, new restaurants and lots of new things to get used to make the transition difficult when people move or travel to a foreign country. Having the right tools to make the adjustment easier is key, and apps that make transitioning abroad easier should be at the top of the list.

The best apps solve problems with everyday activities in a new country, such as shopping, changing money, reading menus and ordering food, as well as learning key phrases that help foreigners navigate the local language. Some of the most useful apps needed by travelers abroad can be downloaded for free and tailored to their location for convenience.


10/10 Google Maps

Google Maps is the most widely used navigation app in the world, with each user providing data that has made the app more detailed and accurate. Apple Maps is also good on its own, but doesn’t have as many local users as Google, which limits options when traveling.

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Google Maps is free and often enough to find your way around a new location. Thanks to its vast network of users, Google Maps can find almost any known location, even in the most remote places on Earth, which can come in handy if someone needs to find their way around. ‘foreign.

9/10 Duolingo

Google Translate is handy for quick translations of foreign words, but it doesn’t help much with getting the correct pronunciation of basic greetings and common phrases. Duolingo prepares people to better interact with people in a foreign country by giving them free lessons in the most popular languages ​​spoken around the world.

The app offers lessons that engage students in learning the written and spoken aspects of languages ​​with step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions. The app also allows learners to pair up with native speakers and other users to sync their lessons for a better experience. It’s also free to download and use, although it does contain ads that can only be removed for a fee.

8/10 Globe Convert Currency and unit converter

It can be disappointing to overpay for everyday items in a foreign country just because foreigners don’t know the exchange rate. Although Google offers fast currency conversion, it only works with an internet connection which may not be available everywhere in a foreign country. Globe Convert currently has over 173 currencies from which users can configure their regularly used currencies which it then converts based on current rates.

The app updates current exchange rates when a phone is online and makes them available for offline use. The app also makes life easier by allowing users to convert other units they use daily, such as miles to kilometers, pounds to kilograms, meters to feet, and many more, depending on the units used in the country.

7/10 Airbnb

Airbnb’s home-sharing model has been adopted in most countries around the world, bringing more homeowners on board. Accommodations on the platform are itemized and priced seamlessly, which improves value for money when accommodation is booked on the app.

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Even if users have booked accommodation before departure, having Airbnb installed on their phone helps them price their accommodation appropriately and gives them other options if their preferred accommodation disappoints them. With Airbnb, travelers have more flexibility, like cooking at home and protection from exploitation, as opposed to the limitations of traditional hotel rooms.

6/10 A VPN

Public Wi-Fi in airports and hotels aren’t as secure as the home networks travelers are used to, but they’re often the only option available when traveling in a foreign country. The only way to secure devices while using unsecured networks is to get a reliable VPN service that hides a device’s IP address and gives it an extra layer of protection.

VPNs also allow travelers to access geo-fenced websites and services at home, such as Netflix and other streaming services. There are plenty of free VPN options to choose from, including Proton, Privado, and Hotspot Shield, so it’s wise to review reviews to make sure the VPN isn’t causing serious lag on the device.

5/10 Shopwell-Better Food Choices

When traveling to a new country, shopping lists are one of the first things to change, meaning travelers struggle to get food and groceries similar to what they are used to. at home. Shopwell is one of the best free nutrition apps, which allows users to check if the products are right for them by simply scanning the barcode. It helps users to customize their product requirements according to their lifestyle needs when shopping.

Users can enter specifications such as vegan, gluten-free, no preservatives, no added sugar and low cholesterol into the app, then scan barcodes to check if items on the shelf meet those requirements. The app also relies on crowdsourced information, which means there are billions of products on the platform that render accurate results.

4/10 Tripadvisor

With over 700 million users worldwide, Tripadvisor is one of the smartest free travel apps for getting to any country. It has millions of hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations with authentic reviews that give travelers a clear picture of their experience when visiting the destination.

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The app is free to download on Android and iOS, allowing travelers to find the most visited entertainment venues, hotels and tourist destinations and check reviews before spending their money. Tripadvisor also offers tips on how to get to a place and the best benefits to pay.

3/10 Rome2Rio

This is one of the best public transit apps for commuters around the world that helps people move between locations comfortably by providing them with the best transportation options available in the area. All it takes is two destinations, including a city, street, or address, to reveal the most efficient means of travel between the two points.

From the best flights for the money to the best bus or train between local cities, the app brings it all together, helping travelers plan their trip. The app includes car rental options and hotel reservations.

2/10 Google Translate

Translating menus, signs, directions and any other written text makes it easier to transition and move comfortably in a foreign country. Google Translate is now available for all platforms, as is Google Maps.

The app only needs a camera to point at words that need to be translated, including those with special characters. The app also supports voice input, which means travelers can ask locals to speak to the translator in the local dialect, which then brings out the English translation.

1/10 WhatsApp

While roaming can help travelers stay in touch with family and friends back home, the charges can be extremely high, so secure online communication is a relief. There are plenty of apps that offer these services, but security and cost can be a major concern.

However, WhatsApp has been around for a long time and now also allows free video and voice calls, making it easier to communicate abroad. It’s a great option for travelers who don’t want to load a local SIM card with minutes.

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