The Dallas Cowboys are on the road to a Week 18 clash with the Philadelphia Eagles. Dallas is 11-5 after losing its game to the Cardinals. The Eagles are 9-7 this season and have made the playoffs as a wild card.

Our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook currently have the Cowboys as a seven-point favorites against the Eagles. The line has increased significantly from the start of the week. People more at FiveThirtyEight have the Cowboys 51% chance of winning, while ESPN has them at 56.5%.

You can follow the link here for the winning percentages of each week 18 match. You can also get a pick list for all of the week 18 matches in this location.

As for the Cowboys game, let’s see what people think.

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Choosing games in week 17 is basically a drunken dice game and if you need proof just take a look at this game. I have no idea if the Eagles will be resting their starters and I have no idea if the cowboys their starters will be resting, which means I have no idea who will win. I’m also not sure why the NFL put this game in the prime-time Saturday slot. I don’t wanna spend my Saturday night watching a glorified preseason game when I could play a drunken game of Boggle.

If the Eagles win they could move up to sixth seed in the NFC, but there is no guarantee of that as they will only go up if the 49ers lose too. I can’t read Nick Siranni’s mind which is weird because I took an online mind reading class once. However, while I can’t read his mind, I think the Eagles will eventually let their starters rest.

As for the Cowboys, they currently occupy all four spots in the NFC and even if they do win they would only progress if the Buccaneers Where Rams end up losing. If the Cowboys win and one of those teams loses, it will push Dallas to three and if they both lose, it will push the Cowboys into the top-seed.

Based on some math that I just did in my head I would say that there is about a 50% chance that one team will lose and 5% chance that both will lose and I think what I am trying to say here is that I will win ‘Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys rest their starters. That being said, the Cowboys have been having an offensive crisis and I think they might end up trying to get out of it. With that in mind, I expect the Cowboys to rest all of their injured players. To be clear, I think that means we’ll see a lot of starters play, but the Cowboys will rest anyone who bumped (from last week’s injury report it would be guys like Ezekiel Elliott, Tyron smith and Demarcus Laurent). I could also be completely wrong about all of this and they could let everyone play.

Anyway, I just talked to myself in circles trying to figure out who is going to win this game and after that I still don’t know who I want to pick. If this game ends up being Gardner Minshew vs. Cooper rush, I like the Eagles, but if it is Dak prescott vs. Jalen hurts or Dak against Gardner, so I like the Cowboys. I take the Cowboys.

The choice : Cowboys 26-23 vs. Eagles

A victory but no cover.

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Saturday’s second game features more than a few interesting subplots.

The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles both secured playoff spots, the former being the NFC East champions and the latter a wild card. With both teams stuck in the playoffs, there was talk of resting starters.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni is considering resting players like quarterback Jalen Hurts. However, Dallas team owner Jerry Jones insisted the Cowboys wouldn’t give any of their stars to the night, especially with a chance to climb all the way to the No. 2 seed in the night. NFC on the line.

“We plan to play. We plan to play to win, ”Jones said during his weekly radio appearance on 105.3 The fan.

However, despite this uncertainty as to who will or will not play, Kenyon puts his metaphorical moolah on the Eagles and takes the touchdown with the house dog.

“They’ve had a walking schedule over the past month, but the Eagles are 6-1 in their last seven games and enter Week 18 as one of the hottest teams in the NFL,” did he declare. “I’m all-in on the Eagles right now, who have seemed to find their recipe for success with one of the most dynamic rush attacks in the league. The Cowboys looked lost on offense in a 25-22 loss to the Cardinals at home last week. The Cowboys should bounce back and win this game, but give me the Eagles covering a touchdown at home.

The majority of our pundits either expect Philly to stay close or disbelieve Jones as they side with Kenyon in taking Philly.


Davenport: Philadelphia

Gagnon: Dallas

Kenya: Philadelphia

O’Donnell: Dallas

Rogers: Philadelphia

Sobleski: Philadelphia

Score prediction: Cowboys 24, Eagles 20

Win, no cover.

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Will Dallas play all of its starters? They are currently seeded No. 4 and the chances of progress are slim. They just lost Michael Gallup. What’s the benefit of risking more injury?

Even if they won, they would need the Rams and Cardinals to lose to move up to number 3. Plus, they would need a Bucs loss to snag the second seed. Realistically, I would expect Dallas to play their starters for 1-2 quarters.

Meanwhile, the Eagles will be a No.6 or No.7 seed against the Bucs, Rams, Cowboys or Cardinals on the road. Pick your poison, right? There is no optimal situation, win or lose. Maybe Jalen Hurts and Co. makes a good display of it to maintain his confidence heading into the playoffs. But let’s face it: Gardner Minshew will likely throw more yards than Hurts.

Cowboys vs Eagles prediction: Cowboys 24, Eagles 20

We got another win but no cover.

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Both teams clinched playoff spots and Dallas missed its chance to play at home with the loss to the Cardinals. The Eagles have won the last two of the series at home, making it a sore spot for Big D. Will it be more of a dress rehearsal in the second half?

Take: Eagles 24, Cowboys 21

Not even a prediction of victory here for the Cowboys.