It’s trending reporting season and Pinterest is next. “The Point From Pinterest” is an important resource for understanding what gets the most attention online and the behaviors that fuel those surges. The stats apply specifically to Pinterest, however, they’re just a reflection of those trends that are also making waves elsewhere, providing inspiration for creatives and entrepreneurs looking to expand their digital footprint.

The report is divided into five sections – Advertising, Audiences, Industries, Moments, Trends – which will take some time to go through. There’s also a section where Pinterest reviews predictions from the past year to reveal what did or didn’t happen. With an 80% success rate, we’d say The Point is trustworthy.

The trending reports section, Pinterest Predicts, includes 35 topics ready to be selected and used for content on Pinterest and beyond. Below each trend are helpful stats, ways to bring the trend to life, a spotlight on the creators, and other related topics. Our favorites include:

  • Finpowerment: “Let financial freedom ring. In 2022, people will take money matters into their own hands as they embark on new journeys towards financial literacy. Millennials are leading the search for investment advice, financial education, and real estate investing for beginners. »
  • Conscious menstruation: “If no body is the same, neither is no cycle – period. In 2022, people will learn about their menstrual health, from cycle phases and menstrual care. Millennials are behind the research behind this movement.
  • Calming Classrooms: As kids return to classrooms and reconnect with their community, teachers bring the chill with nature-themed classrooms and eucalyptus decor. This trend is on the rise among millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers.
  • Don’t quit your job: “Who says hobbies can’t be lucrative?” In 2022, people will create a new business based on their specific interests, such as eyelashes, real estate or party rentals. While people were simply looking for small business inspiration in our last report, this year they have more specific insights. The labor of love just took on a whole new meaning for this millennial-focused trend.

Add The Point to your playlist if you haven’t already.

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