Prior to the customer launch scheduled for Q1 2022, the 2degrees 5G network was activated in central Auckland and Wellington for testing and optimization.

In a rollout that will initially see contiguous 5G coverage in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, the telecommunications company says the network is “buzzing at speeds that will rock the market” and that new sites are coming online every year. week.

“5G is now enabled for testing and optimization in Auckland and Wellington. The 2degrees team collects valuable data on network and device performance, download speeds, latency and transfers, ”said Martin Sharrock, CTO of 2degrees.

“Early test results showed speeds of over 1 Gbps. Work has also started in Christchurch with the first 5G sites online for testing in December,” he said.

“Over the next few months, the team will be rigorously testing 5G on a number of devices. So when this new network and new technology is released to customers, it will be fully optimized on a range of 5G enabled devices, ”said Sharrock.

“We are delighted with the first test results and look forward to completing our optimization work and officially launching the 5G network to our customers,” he said.

“Kiwis now expect immediate data access and faster download times for business as well as streaming and gaming. The timing of our network upgrade and 5G launch meets growing customer demand for increased connectivity and speed. “

2degrees’ strategic approach to network design and construction, combines upgrading cell sites with the all new Ericsson 3G, 4G and 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) equipment with the upgrade of core network. This work program has been underway for more than two years and builds on the billion dollars already spent on the network.

“Our main goal has been to ensure an enhanced network experience for Kiwis, whether they use our 3G, 4G or 5G network, or roam networks as they roam Aotearoa back and forth,” said Sharrock said.

“We plan to launch the 2degrees 5G network with up to 100 on-air sites, and we will continue to activate additional sites throughout 2022 as we expand the network in our major cities,” he said.

“One of the many benefits for mobile customers will be the creation of a contiguous 5G experience in areas of highest demand and adoption. As network construction radiates from city centers in a planned manner, over time customers will experience 5G connectivity as they move around the city. “

Sharrock adds, “Additionally, as we continue to evolve our mobile network and add 5G capabilities, the Kiwis will also benefit from significantly increased 4G capacity.

“4G capacity will double on average after network upgrades in these areas,” he said.

More than 100 network, IT and civilian engineers, technicians, testers and project managers participated in the largest technology upgrade undertaken since the launch of 2degrees in 2009.

“It’s projects like these that are key to keeping Kiwis connected, that really demonstrate what is achievable during tough times,” said Sharrock.

“The 2degrees team worked within strict COVID-19 guidelines, faced delays due to inclement weather and travel restrictions, and solved technical challenges with creativity and innovative thinking to upgrade a network. award-winning with new cutting edge mobile technology for Kiwis. “

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