It’s hard to stay anonymous when you’re online. Trackers have plenty of ways to find your location once you navigate to their websites or download movies, songs, apps, videos, and more. The most convenient way to escape online visibility is to stay offline. However, life is getting more creative and resourceful these days.

You can now hide your online identity from others by use a residential proxy. Proxies allow you to visit websites, watch videos, and listen to songs despite the restrictions. These allow you to choose a specific location and appear as a real user in that area. If you don’t have the budget to avail this paid subscription to your favorite movie or song, you might have found yourself at this resort.

When you open your computer, tablet, cell phone, and phone apps, you are now exploring digital media. Digital media is digital data that you can access using your digital media device. Digital media can be audio, video, social media site and others.

Some of them are available for free. Some need payment before they can benefit from or use them. However, you couldn’t trust all the data available on the web. Some hackers shed light on their malicious activities from this available data.

For your business, proxies can make your website possible. Website scraping is the process of extracting content from a certain website. If you monitor your business competitors, you can check them out after you activate your chosen ethical proxies with you.

If you want to explore these platforms and download the files you want without others knowing, here are the following ways you can apply.

Activate your chosen proxy

If you have used proxies with you, you can enable them by visiting your System Preferences. When using a macOS, you can check this with your network settings. However, the powers of attorney vary depending on your needs.

For example, if you want to access a restricted website in your area, you can use a residential proxy that lets you choose a specific location. Moreover, an anonymous proxy will also ensure that all your online activities are no longer traceable by a third party. Hence, it reduces your internet speed.

Use a virtual private network (VPN)

When you download files online, you are using VPN. VPNs hide your IP address needed to identify your location. Other than that, VPNs mask your browsing activities, which prevents your ISP from accessing and tracking all of your online activities. In this case, you can now download your favorite song anonymously.

Encrypt your browser

Even your research tool gets a lot of data from you. Gladly, you can now encrypt your browser. Encryption in your browser allows you to hide the file you download in a code. You can try to download Tor browser. This browser hides your activity when you access the Internet.

Even if you use proxy servers for your anonymity, it still cannot encrypt your connection. If you encounter a “Not Secure” warning on the web page you are accessing, it means that said website is not providing you with an encrypted connection.

Delete cookies and browser history

Another way to download media while remaining anonymous is to clear your website’s cache and cookies. However, deleting the cache and cookies only takes into account the activities stored on your computer. Once you delete your browsing history, third parties will no longer track your online activities, making it difficult for them to identify your entity. However, this does not permanently delete your files because Google Activity stores your activity data online.


In 2019, the United States has more than 313 million internet users. At least 50% of them were concerned about online privacy. Additionally, 80% believe that the data stored from their online activities is vulnerable to hackers.

There is no absolute protection in your online activities. However, raising awareness and knowing more about security measures like setting up proxies and VPNs on your device would help reduce the risk of a data breach and ensure online privacy.

In this case, where you want to remain anonymous while downloading media files from the internet, your device should be protected. You need to know what to click and what to ignore. You are the engine of your online activities.

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