You have the interview for your dream job or you have a big conference in a week. Between doing your research, preparing what to say, and writing cover letters, the last thing you need to spend your time on is knowing what to wear.

Yet we have all been there. We all rummage through your closet, hoping to miraculously find something that wasn’t there before or have changed outfits multiple times before going to a networking event. Finding professional attire that makes us feel confident, comfortable, and stylish can be daunting. Whether you’re a business owner meeting clients or starting a new job, you have the same need: where to buy business attire.

So where can you buy business casual essentials? Do not worry; We have what you need. Here are five staples to have in your wardrobe and where you can buy them, while supporting women-owned small businesses.

Staple #1: A simple cardigan

Wolf –Ther line of sustainable, Paris-inspired clothing is women-led and created in New York. From the start of production, they know everyone involved in making their garments. Besides their sleek overlap of classic and modern design, and their line of beautifully tailored jeans, Loup is an amazing small business to support.

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Staple 2: elegant buttons

Frankie’s Shop -Lituated on the Lower East Side, a former ABC News producer presents her line of staples with a twist. With a strong French and minimalist influence, you can find wardrobe essentials with gorgeous silhouettes and vibrant colors for those feeling daring. They have an amazing selection of cute shirts, but be sure to browse all of their products; they provide the tools to have fun with business casual.

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Staple #3: Classic and Chic Dress Pants

Re Ona

The dynamic sister duo of Christina and Philiscia Abayomi aim to provide stylish and simple daily necessities for working women. Designed for busy women, these clothes are not only versatile and chic for the office, but comfortable for an active woman. Perfectly fitting pants make you feel confident, powerful, and comfortable approaching this presentation.

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Staple #4: Stylish Jeans

Fishing Shop – AsThe mall’s clothing brand owned by Jiwon Eom, 28, offers more than 20 different Korean brands. It is an e-commerce site with a physical location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Eom herself travels back and forth from South Korea to source clothes from local brands. She produces beautiful minalist designs that she never sells for more than $200 with. Well-fitting jeans are a must for a cashual business wadrop, and this store offers jeans in a simple, flattering fit, with subtle accents to make them stand out. Her clothes are in limited quantity, so be quick! His following on social networks is only increasing.

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Staple #5: A timeless dress

Trade madeSustainable, ethically made and female-led, they want their production and manufacturing to be as transparent as their clothing line is beautiful. Made Trade presents a range of timeless staples that you can dress up or down and adapt to any occasion, giving you some creative freedom to put your own spin on some laid-back classics. Who doesn’t love a garment with which you can create countless looks?

Knowing what to buy is difficult, but knowing where to buy it can be even harder. Anyone else stuck in this cycle of going to the same three stores and dumping other places to explore? At a standstill, trying to find where to buy necessities? Take a look at these women-owned businesses; they’ve got all your occasional business needs covered and are great companies to support.

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