Scenario 3 “This is IRS Agent McMurphy, and I’m calling to let you know that you have a federal warrant for your non-payment of taxes. Please press 1 on your keypad to be connected to my office so that we can shed some light on this matter.”

Tips: Hang up…on any call you think is a computerized robocall. IRS employees will never ask you for money or threaten you over the phone. They may call to schedule appointments or discuss audits, but only after trying to notify you by mail.

Scenario 4: “Nana, it’s me, Henry. I was away for spring break and got pulled over because my friend was driving drunk and we hit a pregnant woman! Please don’t tell mom and dad. I need your help.”

Tips: Hang up…and contact your grandchild or other family member to verify this. This is almost certainly a form of “grandparent scam”, which uses personal information about your grandchild gleaned from social media to trick you. Do not panic and do not send money or reveal any banking or financial information.

Scenario 5: “Hello sir, this is Amazon Security calling to let you know that there is an attempt to order items from your account. But don’t worry, we can help you with the refund. I just need some information from you to get started.

Tips: Hang up… when asked for information to remotely access your bank account or other private accounts. If you think there might be a problem, go directly to your Amazon account and contact the company directly through their website.

Scenario 6: “This is Denver Energy Company, and we are letting you know that you have missed your last two payments and unfortunately your power will be out by the end of the day unless you can pay immediately over the phone.”

Tips: Hang up…when you’re threatened on the phone, especially by a robocall. Utility cuts are not handled that way. You will receive a notification by mail.

Scenario 7: “This is the Social Security Administration, and your Social Security check has been frozen due to fraudulent activity. Press 1 to fix this.

Tips: Hang up…when a federal or state government official suggests you pay them money over the phone or asks for personal information on a call. It doesn’t happen.