During the Regional Conference on Drug Trafficking, National Security held under the chairmanship of Home Minister Amit Shah to eradicate the threat of drug abuse in northern states and formulate proactive strategies here today , Haryana’s Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar, suggested that the entire nation should wage a “common struggle to break the network of drug traffickers”, adding that “drug addiction and drug trafficking is a matter of concern for the whole world. This problem is not limited to a single country, rather it is the whole world that is fighting against this societal evil”.

Speaking at the conference, Khattar said, “For various reasons, not only our youth but also children are plagued by drug addiction. To face this social problem, we must lead a common struggle to break this network. If the police in one state take strict action against drug traffickers and people involved in illegal drug trafficking, those drug traffickers and traffickers move to neighboring states. The network of drug traffickers is spread across the country. Law enforcement agencies in various states are waging an uphill battle to break this network. However, this problem can be curbed if the law enforcement agencies of different states work in a disorderly fashion and coordinate with each other.”

Khattar also suggested that “in order to track these banned drugs, which can be used as intoxicants, the central government should make it mandatory to obtain unique serial numbers. In order to create a centralized state database of all activities related to crimes, criminals, victims, etc., HAWK software was developed. It helped crack down on drug dealers.”

Citing Haryana’s statistics on the state’s fight against the drug menace, Khattar said, “Over 200 cases of NDPS law are registered in Haryana every month. Till June 30, 1913 cases have been recorded in the state in which 2661 defendants have been arrested, approximately Rs 32 crore recovered from 253 drug dealers and the process of confiscating property worth Rs 13 crore is in progress. Classes. The Haryana Police have been tasked to thoroughly investigate each case and tighten the grip on those involved in this illicit trade. As a result, the Haryana Police have managed to catch drug dealers even in the inaccessible areas of remote states like Telangana, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh”.

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On drug rehabilitation efforts, Khattar said, “Under the NDPS Act, 142 drug rehabilitation centers have been opened in Haryana. Mental health and addiction services have been opened in all government medical schools.