Pune: The idea for PODTUBE.in – described as both a platform and a social network purely for audio content – arose out of a “void” in today’s social media environment.
“Right now, you can’t share audio content directly on Facebook or YouTube unless you convert it to a video clip. This is where we felt there was a gap, especially with the development of audio content recently, ”said Bijoy Banerjee, founder of BBCOM consulting, which developed the platform.
Banerjee launched the platform in mid-2021, which now has thousands of registered users and hundreds of engagements per post. The platform does not order any content on its own, but provides a platform for content creators, the vast majority of whom use it for free. The podcasts feature everything from parenthood and financial literacy to the work of Indian classical music legends, as well as an occasional dive into recent events that have made headlines.
The art of storytelling is also popular, from ancient Indian and foreign fables to original stories published and read by users on PODTUBE. Banerjee himself has a podcast on the platform, called “Under the Hood,” in which he talks about stories and people who want to make a difference. The most recent episode of the podcast is about Suryakant Bhandepatil, who helps rescue kidnapped children whose own child has already been kidnapped.

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