Niche selection is the key to the success of any legal blog and Aaron Lukken had no trouble finding and thriving in his. Lukken is one of the leading voices on transnational litigation and works with other lawyers across Canada to Mauritius. He launched the The Hague Law Blog the same day as his business, Viking Advocates, LLC and attributes much of his success to his decision to stick with blogging, in part because of his wife’s insistence. He joined Bob Ambrogi on This week in legal blogs to discuss cross-border disputes, his blogging background and more.

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Episode preview

  • 1:09 – Lukken practices transnational litigation and works directly with other lawyers
  • 3:23 – His law school experience and how he ended up practicing law
  • 4:05 – He grew up as an army kid, which led him to practice international law
  • 7:16 – The types of lawsuits he typically handles
  • 9:21 – He started blogging on day one, but contacted other legal bloggers and LexBlog when he needed help
  • 13:24 – He immediately saw business returns as a direct result of his blog
  • 17:19 – How he decided what types of blog posts to write
  • 19:11 – The importance of injecting your own personality into your messages
  • 24:51 – He and his wife have created software to help legal professionals fill out many of the forms they deal with
  • 27:44 – He finds LinkedIn and Twitter very useful tools for developing his network
  • 30:50 – Blogs got him to speak
  • 35:00 – Her advice to other lawyers: just start writing