Absolute Software announced that it has taken the first step in combined product innovation following its acquisition of NetMotion Software, adding the self-healing power of its application persistence capabilities to NetMotion’s Zero Trust Network Access products.

The global pandemic has added more complexity and a vastly expanded attack surface in business, education, and government organizations. Suddenly IT and security were faced with tens of thousands of employees working remotely, with each employee’s home office effectively becoming an extension of the corporate headquarters.

The pandemic has unfolded at an unprecedented speed and scale, and organizations have had very little time to react and sustain this sudden change, creating a nightmare for IT help desk support. In response, organizations have had to rethink their long-term strategies to manage the future of the employee experience and its effect on their security architecture.

“What started almost two years ago with employees sent home to work temporarily remotely has now quickly accelerated to work from anywhere – forever,” said Christy Wyatt, president and Chief Executive Officer of Absolute. “Our unique Endpoint Resilience differentiation addresses the challenges of supporting hybrid workers by allowing critical security controls to remain unbreakable while self-healing makes them immune to failures that would otherwise limit their ability to protect the user. or his device. We are just over 90 days after the start of the integration of the NetMotion acquisition, and we are already deploying the first wave of innovation in ensuring that the solution remains installed, healthy and protected against malicious or malicious failures. unintentional while maintaining a secure, persistent, performance-optimized connection to enterprise data and applications.

Anchored by its persistence capabilities built into the firmware residing in more than 500 million endpoints from nearly 30 global device manufacturers, Absolute provides an indelible digital tether to every device to ensure the highest levels of resiliency. Absolute’s application persistence capabilities take advantage of this unbreakable two-way connection to monitor the health and behavior of critical security applications, identify if those applications are missing or corrupt, and automatically repair or reinstall those components – all without intervention human.

Now, by strengthening the NetMotion by Absolute product portfolio with Absolute’s Persistence technology, customers can benefit from an incredibly resilient zero-trust security product that keeps workers connected and secure on any network, while avoiding the risk of incorrect configuration or deletion of software, inadvertently or by bad actors.

“Industry experts tell us that the number one concern of their customers is the failure of security controls and other critical applications that can expose them to ransomware and other attacks,” said John Herrema, vice-president. executive chairman, product and strategy. at Absolu. “As a result, it only takes one compromised computer to expose the entire organization. For this reason, devices and the applications deployed on them must be resilient and self-healing in order to support a successful Work from Anywhere strategy. “

Since acquiring NetMotion in July 2021, Absolute has continued to provide innovative solutions that meet real market needs. In August, Absolute launched DataExplorer, a flexible endpoint data mining tool, enabling organizations to align Absolute’s extensive and on-demand information on endpoints with their evolving business needs.

In September, the company announced improved geolocation capabilities that allow IT and security teams in businesses and education to quickly visualize the locations of their distributed endpoints, even when those endpoints are not GPS enabled. ; identify movements of potentially risky or non-compliant devices; and take swift action to ensure devices and data remain secure and comply with organizational and regulatory requirements.

Customers wishing to learn more about Absolute’s application persistence capabilities should contact their authorized Absolute reseller or Absolute sales representative.