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Hapo-loans – take out up to PLN 25,000 for a period of 48 months. Learn all about the lender!

Is your vacation plan an exotic trip? Maybe a vacation in the Polish mountains or by the sea? No matter the direction, but the fact that you finally decided to relax. However, the dream vacation is a bit lacking – it’s finance. We know a way to treat yourself to a special holiday.

Gerly Personal Loans offer long-term loans up to PLN 25,000

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If we can get such a high amount, we can use it for any purpose. PLN 25,000 is the amount thanks to which we can easily organize truly amazing holidays for two. With such substantial cash, there will be no trouble choosing a direction. The only headache may be an excess of offers from which you will want to choose. Of course, we can allocate the money from the Gerly Personal installment loan to another, more pragmatic purpose.

Renovation of the apartment, car repair, purchase of home appliances / electronics are just a few of the suggestions, which we can spend our money on. Gerly Personal Loans do not require us to commit ourselves, for what specific purpose we are going to borrow money. This approach to the customer is completely different from other loan companies that require relevant statements or mortgage lending banks, which by definition are intended solely for the purchase of an apartment or the construction of a house.

Many people say downside of non-bank loans is their quick repayment date

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For some, this is an aspect that cannot be overcome. We should remember to decide to take out loans only when it is clear from our revenue calculation that within the specified contract time limit we will be able to repay the entire loan amount including commission. In the case of the Gerly Personal loan offer, we can be more calm when it comes to paying off the financial liability. The Gerly Personal Loans company offers us flexible installments, which are definitely easier to pay back. We are talking about monthly installments in the range from 3 to 48 installments.

By choosing the longest repayment period, i.e. 48 installments, we give ourselves a chance for regular repayments, the weight of which we will not feel so much in our portfolio. In contrast to quick payday loans usually granted for 30 days, an installment loan in Gerly Personal Loans will be a recommended solution for people who need money for anymore and can pay back the liability for many months.

Gerly Personal Loans costs

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Of course, using the abovementioned privilege of spreading the loan repayment into 48 installments, it should be remembered that the longer we pay the financial liability, the more expensive it will be in the final settlement. Let’s look at the cost of Gerly Personal Loans online loans.

Let’s assume that we decide on the theoretically the best option, i.e. the maximum loan amount of PLN 25,000. We want to repay the loan without any problems for a long time, so as to avoid nervous situations when unexpected expenses fall out in a given month and we will wonder if we can save the installment of the financial liability we have towards Gerly Personal Loans. Thus, we choose the maximum repayment time, i.e. currently 48 monthly installments. We have 4 years to pay back the loan.

A representative example for a loan in Gerly Personalpanż is as follows: APR 9.80%, total loan amount PLN 9,200, annual fixed interest rate 0%, duration of the contract 36 months, installment amount PLN 294.20. total amount to be paid PLN 10,591.04, total cost of the loan PLN 1,391.04, interest PLN 0, commission PLN 1,291.04.

Objectively, it must be admitted that the costs of Gerly Personal Loans are not small. However, it is mainly the extended repayment time that has such a huge impact on the cost of the loan. So we pay for the possibility of paying off installments slowly. We borrow when we need to have money for a specific purpose. Nobody in their right mind will decide to borrow a large sum if they have to pay it back very quickly.

Gerly Personal Loans gives you the option of spreading your repayment over multiple installments and this is one of the main advantages of this offer. Of course, on the market of non-bank installment loans via the Internet we will find companies where the fee for the loan will be even higher.

Loan rules in Gerly Personal Loans?

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Gerly Personal Loans are advertised with the slogan: “Decide for yourself!” What exactly does this mean for the customer? With Gerly Personalp loan we can decide how much money to borrow and, most importantly, how high the monthly installment should be. We choose the day when we want to start paying back the loan and how long we want to pay it back. A very interesting option that Gerly Personal Loans has prepared are so-called “repayment holidays”. It is enough if we inform the company in the customer panel that we want to take advantage of deferred repayment.

However, we must meet several conditions to take advantage of “repayment holidays” at Gerly Personal Loans. Our loan should consist of at least 7 monthly installments. Repayment is as follows: you should pay at least 3 full installments, which follow each other on a specified date. When can we apply for a repayment holiday? Only on the first day after the repayment date of the sixth installment of the loan. Therefore, as we mentioned, to take advantage of the Gerly Personal loan promotion we need a commitment for a minimum of 7 months. Another condition is the payment of at least one installment, if we have already used the deferment, and we want to receive this type of help again. Important information in this promotion is the fact that the more installments we have, the more times we can apply for a “repayment holiday”.

Gerly Personal Medical Care Loans program

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The company providing long-term installment loans Gerly Personal Loans has also prepared a Medical Care Program for its clients. Already for a zloty a day you can get a range of medical care, medical consultations, laboratory tests, diagnostic tests. This type of package with a loan at Gerly Personal Loans costs PLN 300 per year. Without a loan from Gerly Personal, we can get a Health Care Program package for 360 PLN per year. On the company’s website you can check the list of all facilities in Poland providing services according to the Health Care Program granted to the client. We can apply for the package when completing the registration form on the lender’s website.