Hi everyone. My name is Beth and I oversee all of our college communities for SB Nation.

This Thursday will be a big day for our community: we are moving our comments to a new platform, developed especially for SB Nation. By then, all of our university communities will be moving to the new platform, and I’m excited about the change.

Some of you may already be familiar with this new platform when we started rolling it out to our NFL venues in 2020 and brought it to some of our college communities last year. This latest launch means the entire SB Nation network will be on the same feedback platform, which we’ve worked hard to update regularly to provide new features specifically for SB Nation communities. We also worked hard to make changes to the user experience based on feedback from community members.

Why this change? We’ve been using the same reviews platform for over a decade and it’s time for an upgrade. The old system is fragile and prone to breakdowns. It’s not built for the modern web, and even just maintaining it gets harder every year.

No one likes change, but this one is necessary and brings real improvements that will improve our overall commenting experience.

In the new system, you’ll see features we’ve wanted to add for years, including:

  • Easier integrations (just paste the Twitter/YouTube link)
  • Easier rich text shortcuts (control-B for bold, control-I for italic)
  • Email notifications when someone replies to you
  • See who saved your comments
  • Better reporting options and strong anti-abuse controls
  • A GIF library to easily post images
  • Ignore comments you don’t want to see
  • Easily find the most received comments

Plus, a host of features that we’ve kept because they make our communities special, such as new comment highlighting, color changes with high Rec count, Z key scrolling, external images, sarcastic font and much more.

This platform was specifically designed for SB Nation communities and, for the first time, we now have a team dedicated to constantly evolving and improving our feedback tools.

I know new things take a bit of getting used to – I’m just asking you to give it a try, try it on a few items, then tell us honestly what you think. This is an ongoing work in progress – we will continue to evolve the tools over the months and years to come, to give you the tools and platform you deserve. In fact, we’ve already added dozens of new features based on feedback from our audience since our initial launch on NFL Communities last year. You can help improve it by giving us your feedback in the comments or by emailing [email protected]

Some important information about the change: Your old comments are being logged and will be returned to Pages in the future, but for now Stories will not contain comments posted before the change. So please keep in mind that any chat in progress at the time the switch is toggled will be terminated.

Your comment history will now be located under the My Profile tab at the top of comments (not the top of the page), which is also where your comment archive will be restored when we bring it back.

The new platform will go live on Blogging the Bracket from Wednesday, April 27. You can use the same login as usual.

Thanks as always for being there. Let’s talk now.