Lizana oberholzer of BAMEed network hosts the third in a series of workshops for AP Connect.

As part of your educational journey and online portfolio, you may wish to expand your reach even further by sharing your practice in more detail, as well as your thoughts on the practice.

This workshop is a priority for EF practitioners in BAMEed * communities. You can read more about our rationale for working on #APConnect equality here.

Ideally, participants will also be:

Participants can also be managers – at all levels – responsible for diversity and inclusion, quality improvement / assurance, professional learning

We limit each workshop to 15 places to allow participants to contribute to lived experiences.

* we recognize that this is not an ideal term. Please let us know if you have a suggestion on how we might express ourselves differently.

This session aims to:

  • provide you with tips on how to blog, and what makes a blog effective
  • how to share your blog to maximize your reach. In addition, it will explore how to publish your work in journals as well as books and
  • describe how you can develop a successful book proposal.

This workshop is a priority for practitioners from BAMEed communities, working in EF. You can find out more about our justification here

You can attend the workshops in series of three or independently of each other.