Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Aug 28 (ANI / PNN): As the undisputed service provider of the electric vehicle industry, Autobot India is keen to fill the shortage of qualified experts required in the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry . The Autobot Academy collaborates with automotive companies, startups and universities and assists in the construction of electric vehicles in their offer or study program. They strive to provide a blended training model for people who want to learn more about electric vehicles and get hands-on training.

In their blended model, they provide seamless connectivity for students to achieve hands-on learning in both online and offline mode. The certified candidate can join the electric vehicle industry with the support of Autobot India. To date, Autobot Academy has successfully managed around 5,000 hours of green learning and onboarded around 2,000 EV learners, which in turn has benefited over 25 industry partners who have collaborated with Autobot. India.

The online session which brought together the best of the industry was moderated by Imran Saikh of Autobot India. Some of the speakers for the session were Vineet Kumar Singh / MG Motors India, Arindam Lahiri / ASDC India, Narsimham KV / Quanteone Powertrain, Nakul Kukar / Cell Propulsion and Vinod Midha / Atal Incubation and Ashwini Tiwary / Autobot India.

The discussion started with a year-long celebration of the specialized learning platform EV Autobot Academy to which Vineet Singh, MG Motors India, added: “After three batches of training with Autobot, they are eagerly awaiting the development. of EV education, and recognizes the potential that EV has in the market. “Most partners agreed that the Autobot Specialty Courses and its blended learning platform have acted as a perfect alternative program for skill enhancement and capacity building of aspiring EVs or people in the automotive industry. who wish to upgrade themselves. Autobot India is planning new collaborations with its customers in the field of electric vehicles. The automotive industry is undergoing massive transitions and adapting to change is the only key to success. Autobot Academy aims to create platforms and solutions that deliver specialized and personalized programs that would help them evolve and go global.

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