Stellar Cyber ​​announced that it has integrated its security platform with Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, Barracuda Web Application Firewall and Barracuda Total Email Protection, providing enhanced visibility, automated incident correlation, threat hunting and remediation to clients and leads from Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). .

“Our customers know that Barracuda provides the best email, network and web application security solutions. When it comes to defending against today’s sophisticated cyber threats, such as ransomware and data breaches, they look for full visibility and automation, ”said Fleming Shi, CTO at Barracuda Networks.

“We already offer Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR optimized for our MSP customers. This new integration with Stellar Cyber ​​gives our corporate clients a holistic view of their infrastructure and the capabilities to coordinate the response to incidents in real time. ”

The Stellar Cyber ​​platform integrates XDR Kill Chain and AI-based detection and alert correlation in automatically generated incidents into an easy-to-use dashboard with visibility across the entire attack surface, so analysts know exactly what and how to investigate.

Additionally, Stellar Cyber’s built-in multi-tenant capabilities make it easier than ever for Barracuda’s MSSP partners to deliver SOC-as-a-service offerings to their end-user customers.

“The Stellar Cyber ​​Open XDR platform brings additional value to existing investments in Barracuda products by ingesting their logs, enriching the captured data, analyzing that data for threats, and then automatically correcting attacks through the pare. -fire as well as other systems, ”said Zeus Kerravala, senior analyst at ZK Research. “It’s great to see this level of integration to protect customers. “

“By integrating our AI-powered Open XDR cybersecurity platform with popular Barracuda solutions, we deliver a new level of visibility and SOC capabilities, such as correlated threat analysis, threat hunting and remediation. automated, to Barracuda customers, ”said Paul Jespersen, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development at Stellar Cyber.

“Our specially designed platform collects and ingests data from all existing security tools and presents a single dashboard that clearly identifies and prioritizes security threats, from individual alerts to sophisticated incidents or attack stories, to ‘a way that maximizes the efficiency of SOC operations. . “

Taking ransomware protection as an example, the integration benefits for the customer include:

  • Barracuda Total Email Protection signals and alerts will be available in Stellar Cyber ​​to provide visibility into phishing and branded hacking attacks designed to collect credentials.
  • If a phishing link is clicked, Barracuda CloudGen Firewall stops traffic to the attacker’s site and marks the target for all further attempts.
  • Network and application infrastructure is constantly bombarded with intrusion and access attempts, especially with stolen credentials. Provided with signals from Barracuda CloudGen Firewall and Barracuda Web Application Firewall, these attempts will be immediately reported and prevented.

Barracuda is working on deeper and broader integrations with Open XDR platforms like Stellar Cyber. Barracuda customers will be able to stop ransomware more effectively and get ahead of attackers using email security credential theft and takeover and prevent further penetration.