MIT’s new report with Ericsson analyzes the positive impact of mergers on the decorbonization process of highly polluting industrial sectors.

New report published MIT Technical Study Analyzes the positive impact of mergers on the decorbonization process of highly polluting industrial sectors. Baptism ‘Decorbonise companies with connectivity and 5G’, The report is sponsored Ericsson, And based on reports from senior executives specializing in technology, business and innovation.


In fact, the report assesses how the use of connectivity, including 5G and other digital mobile technologies, can implement the decorbonization of energy and electrification, generation and transportation.

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The report concludes that due to 5G and other digital mobile technologies, the speed of their operation, low latency, and the ability to allow businesses to connect and manage different and remote resources, decorbonization efforts can generate a modifying acceleration.

The important points

  • 5G is a key factor in creating new performance gains and new sustainable performance processes. Additionally, 5G and other mobile technologies are enabling businesses to achieve significant energy efficiency gains by better monitoring and reducing waste and material costs by improving practices.
  • Improved mobile network data analysis capabilities. IoT devices, data generated by autonomous vehicles and the greater visibility the devices offer to decision-makers in their operations ensure a broader view of the functions provided by greenhouse gas emissions. All of this allows you to create a powerful analytics platform to quickly help decision makers in the decarbonization process.
  • Some fields generating high emissions are interconnected. Many businesses are interconnected by interconnected operating models and business environment systems that provide already shared data and views. 5G facilitates more interconnected systems that allow the sharing of different data across the supply chain, logistics networks and energy networks, thus opening up important quality tabs for reducing emissions.
  • Governments and businesses are under great pressure to change the way energy and materials are produced and consumed in order to rapidly reduce carbon emissions.

The important points

In August 2021, theIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) The United Nations has released its sixth report, which indicates that without significant and immediate reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions, the world will continue to face irreversible climate hot spots that will have an impact on everything. From food production to migration patterns to the global economy.

The topics covered in the fourth edition of the conference will be the relationship between the link and decarbonization. 5G Italy 2021, Organizing Committee CNIT, Scheduled from November 30 to December 2.