Based in Berlin MedKitDoc, a company that enables remote treatment of serious chronic illnesses through its remote medical care platform, has announced that it has secured € 7 million in its Seed funding round.

The amount was invested by Vorwerk Ventures and Acton Capital, as well as the existing investor Picus Capital. In addition, the founders of FlixBus, Daniel Krauss and Jochen Engert, also participated in the round.

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Speaking on the investment, Sascha Günther, Director at Vorwerk Ventures, said: “Digitization has transformed many industries, but healthcare is still in the early stages of its transformation. Corona has had a significant impact not only on the number of innovative solutions emerging, but also on the regulatory issues being resolved, combined with a growing acceptance of digital solutions by the population. ”

“MedKitDoc will dramatically change the way people with chronic conditions receive medical care in the future. That is why we are convinced of the MedKitDoc team and look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together, ”adds Günther.

An innovative means of remote medical consultations

MedKitDoc was founded in 2020 by brothers Dr Benjamin Gutermann (Chief Medical Officer, former emergency physician and general practitioner) and Dorian Koch (CEO, IT specialist, former VW and McKinsey), as well as Nicolai Nieder (CCO, impact entrepreneur, former McKinsey ) with the aim of improving access to medical care for all.

The platform offers patients a telemedicine service supported by the device. This enables digital and data-driven advice to be provided on many diseases, including serious and chronic diseases.

By combining the MedKitDoc app with a network of trained specialists and their own “MedKit” – a set of certified medical devices, the company claims to provide a new way to consult remotely and in a timely manner.

The startup’s app is also helping local (family) doctors examine and treat more patients remotely, preventing unnecessary hospitalizations. By deploying Bluetooth enabled medical diagnostic devices such as a blood pressure monitor or stethoscope, the necessary data is sent to local physicians via the MedKitDoc app in near real time during the video consultation.

Dorian Koch says, “When it comes to our aging population, there is an urgent need for innovation to alleviate a strained healthcare system. Our combination of easy-to-use hardware and software connected to local practitioners compensates for the weaknesses of Telemedicine 1.0. Our goal is to provide easy and quick access to high quality medical care for as many people as possible, regardless of their location. “

MedKitDoc has already established collaborations with more than 50 healthcare establishments in Germany, including Korian, Deutsche Fachpflege and Curata.

Funds to help the chronically ill

The proceeds from this round will help the company expand its team and further develop the company’s software.

Dorian Koch adds: “We want to offer a one-stop solution for chronically ill patients with an increasing number of illnesses and, at the same time, reduce the documentation effort for physicians. For example, all values ​​measured from devices such as ECG will automatically be incorporated into the doctor’s letter during treatment, and tedious documentation during treatment will be greatly reduced.

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