Last Monday, the United States honored the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and some members of the LexBlog community took the opportunity to write blog posts to reflect this. Others have spent this week covering the steady stream of legal battles over vaccination warrants, the importance of wildfire insurance and much more. Take a look at some of the LexBlog publishing team’s favorite articles from the past week.

Alec’s Picks

How about passing the EQUAL Act so that we can be “finally free” from the disparity in penalties between crack and powder?

Professor of criminal law and sentencing Douglas Berman took the time to write this article which he published on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In it, he advocates for the passage of the EQUAL Act which seeks to address the current sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine, which resulted in disproportionately harsh sentences for black Americans. Despite bipartisan support, this bill has received relatively little media coverage and the Senate has yet to vote on it. I really appreciated Berman who shed light on this legislation and all the excellent links he provided to conclude his article. Available at Sentencing law and policy.

Celebrating World Data Privacy Day in 2022 (and how you can make it a year of data privacy)

Is 2022 the year of data privacy? That’s what Jodi Daniels offers in this blog post and makes a compelling case for it. She explains why companies should make data privacy a priority in the new year and what steps they can take to make it happen. Daniels combines a user-friendly writing style with great formatting and the result is a scannable, informative, and entertaining blog post. As a consumer, I am increasingly concerned about my personal data. However, if companies heed Daniels’ words, they will put themselves in a much better position with consumers like me. Available at Red Clover Advisor Blog.

Louisiana Supreme Court Upholds Vaccination Mandate for Private Employers

Stephen McConnell does a great job of covering important legal decisions from across the country in clear and plain language. This post is no exception. While many have focused on U.S. Supreme Court rulings on vaccination mandates, a separate but related state-level legal battle also saw a major ruling last week. The Louisiana Supreme Court upheld the right of private employers to impose vaccination mandates. McConnell masterfully explains the decision, how it got to the state Supreme Court, and its implications in less than 450 words. Being able to pack so much information into so few words is the hallmark of a great legal blogger. Available from Reed Smith Drugs and Devices Act.

Michelle’s Picks

An international drama about the right of Maradona’s heir to use his father’s name

This is an interesting case, well explained by Squire Patton Bogg’s Rafael Langer-Osuna. Just looking at the title, it seems to me, as I don’t know much about trademarks, that it would be silly if Maradona’s heirs couldn’t use their father’s name. But, after reading Langer-Osuna’s insightful post, he revealed the complexity of these kinds of lawsuits and how you can and can’t use names that are trademarked. A really interesting case and as I said it was very well written and in an understandable way. Available from Squire Patton Bogg Global Blog on Intellectual Property and Technology Law.

The wildfire underinsurance gap

Join the conversation, blogging is about listening. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but Merlin chip shows how to do just that in this piece. When it comes to the abundance of wildfires and insurance claims in Colorado, Merlin cites other bloggers and adds his own insights to theirs. If you don’t know how to quote someone else in a blog post, look no further than this article. He attracts a few reputable voices and his points stand firmly next to theirs. This is a great example of how to build relationships and network through blogging, but most importantly, create an understandable and consumable blog post. Available from Merlin Law Group Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog.

Home COVID-19 Testing Options and Alternatives

In light of the Biden administration making home testing more accessible, Brian Johnson created a very useful article on the subject. The two big changes — households being able to request four free at-home tests and home tests available for free without a prescription under an employer’s group health plan — have their own implications. Johnston outlines the most important points to remember and how they apply to employers and employees. It is a very digestible, relevant and extremely timely piece. Available at Jackson Lewis COVID-19 Labor Law Advisor.