Before we get to our top stories of the week, we want to again highlight the work our legal community is doing with their reporting on Ukraine. You can view all legal updates and commentary regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine here.

In addition to some updates for Ukrainian nationals in the US, Alec and Michelle have curated articles that cover the importance of content redirection, why you should do not traveling with cannabis products and paying attention to advertising ahead of the NCAA college basketball tournament.

Michelle’s Picks

In Response to Russian Invasion, DHS Designates Ukraine for Temporary Protected Status

As misinformation spreads like wildfire and it can be difficult to differentiate what is true from what is not, it is vital for legal bloggers to capitalize on their knowledge of their industry and its application to what is happening in Ukraine. As an immigration attorney, José Miguel Marina shares helpful legal information regarding U.S. Homeland Security updates. It presents information in a clear and understandable way, making it a very valuable resource. This establishes both himself and his company blogs as a reliable source. Available at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC’s Buchanan Immigration Law.

Advertising for NCAA Tournaments: Use of Trademarks and… One More Thing (Update 2022 – Part 1)

In preparation for the 2022 NCAA College Basketball Tournament, individuals and businesses should be aware of their use of terms and logos associated with the Tournament and the potential claims that may arise in response. As Mitchell Stabbe mentions, the NCAA is aggressive when it comes to prosecuting unauthorized uses of its marks. Stabbe organizes his post perfectly. It’s packed with information, it bolds the brands people should pay attention to, and it gives a few examples to end the post. It’s an understandable, enjoyable read that I found to be truly timely and relevant. Available on the Broadcast Law blog.

Do not travel with cannabis products

You should always pay attention to current events and think about how they may apply to your industry and your blog. If you don’t know how to do this, look no further than this post by Fred Rocafort of Harris Bricken. A WNBA player was recently arrested in Russia for traveling with cannabis products. Rocafort touches on this topic, then zooms out to take a broader look at traveling with cannabis products and the do’s and don’ts. “There is a lot of sketchy information online when it comes to cannabis. You don’t want to make decisions that could land you in jail based on that kind of information. Talk to someone who really understands the law. Great advice to consider in every scenario, not just this particular one. Available on the Canna Law blog.

Alec’s Picks

Government Hosted Social Media – How to Avoid First Amendment Claims

You will notice this message by David Urban begins with the following disclaimer: “This post appeared in April 2018. It has been reviewed and is up to date. Not enough bloggers do it. What is this exactly? To borrow an expression from one of the Stefanie Marroneit is blog posts, it’s just about repurposing and repurposing old content. This is something that Marrone advocated in our recent LexBlog Learns webinar and something that’s been stuck in my head ever since. Lo and behold, this perfect example popped up last week and I knew I had to highlight it. Comparing Urban’s 2018 and 2022 releases shows that only a few changes have been made, but they are significant, such as updating readers on the results of Trump versus Knight. That’s really all that’s needed. By updating and publishing this new post, Urban has likely attracted many new readers. With the previous post appearing nearly four years ago, chances are there are people following her blog now who weren’t before. Returning readers are also sure to appreciate an update like this. Available from Liebert Cassidy Whitmore California Public Agency Labor and Employment Blog.

How to reconcile corporate interests with broader social interests

When someone argues that corporations are primarily beholden to their shareholders, there may actually be some legal weight behind that claim. Yong Shik Lee looked Dodge v Ford Motor Co. and the precedent it set for the legal requirement of shareholder primacy. I was captivated by Lee’s well-argued position on an issue I knew very little about before reading – a hallmark of good legal blog writing. I strongly encourage you to take the time to read this post and, if you want to dive even deeper, read the paper on which it is based. Available at Columbia Law School CLS Blue Sky Blog.

It is the privilege of wisdom to listen: remembering an underrated legal skill

We could all stay up to listen a little more. This is the message of this wonderfully written post by James Flynn. Demonstrating a kind of active listening himself, Flynn brings to light the words of many others throughout his piece. Through these quotes, he convincingly demonstrates the importance of developing strong active listening skills, especially for lawyers. I must also commend Flynn for his effortless and welcoming writing style. This article was a pleasure to read, save this link and come back to it this weekend when you are ready to relax. Available at Epstein Becker & Green’s Trade Dispute Update.