We are now one month into 2022 and our community kicked off February with great posts. As always, Alec and Michelle bring you their favorites from the past week. This time we have articles on government contractors, social media influencers, and a look back at the year since Oregon decriminalized low-level drug possession.

Alec’s Picks

Uber Delivers Cannabis to Canada – Let’s Talk Food and Cannabis Delivery Opportunities in the United States

Misinformation spreads quickly online. If you recognize that this is happening in your area of ​​legal expertise, you may have the opportunity to set the record straight via a blog post. Adam Horowitz is doing just that by dispelling the misconceptions surrounding the news that Uber was planning to enter the cannabis industry in Canada. After discussing the details of this news, Horowitz explores the feasibility of delivering cannabis to the United States as well as other related topics. An in-depth and well-written article, Horowitz demonstrates his extensive knowledge of these topics and communicates them in an accessible and digestible way. Available on Cole Schotz’s Cannabis Law blog.

Complaint: Bill Belichik’s text to the wrong ‘Brian’ proves Giants engaged in ‘sham’ Interview with potential black coach

Tom Brady officially announced his retirement from football last Tuesday, but that wasn’t the only reason the NFL was making headlines. That same day, former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the NFL and several teams, alleging racial discrimination in the league’s hiring practices. This news had just started making the rounds online when Charles Michael of Steptoe & Johnson posted his own article outlining the basics of the suit. When there’s breaking news, you don’t need to write a long blog post – something short and simple like Michael did here is perfect. You will always have the option to follow the story later with more analysis if you wish. Available on the SDNY blog.

ASA goes “ad for ad” against non-compliant influencers

Social media influencers beware: The UK-based Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is cracking down on those who don’t clearly identify their posts as adverts. Carlton Daniel and Jack Wood write this post which highlights the most recent efforts to, in essence, shame non-compliant influencers into lining up. The intersection of social media and the law never ceases to fascinate me and this article is no exception. Daniel and Wood do a fantastic job of covering this topic in a well written and informative blog post. Solid work all around. Available on Squire Patton Boggs’ Global IP & Technology Law blog.

Michelle’s Picks

A Wonderful Copyright War

Spider-Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Iron Man are all starring in something together, but it’s not a movie this time, it’s a legal battle. Any copyright dispute involving a big company, and Disney is perhaps the biggest, is sure to be interesting. Larina Alton and Gabriel Ramirez-Hernandez break down this copyright war well, because it sure can get confusing. Writing about an intriguing topic, doing it in an understandable way, and having a creative title is a great way to grow your audience and readership. Available at the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Bench & Bar of Minnesota.

Different perspectives one year after Measure 110 took effect decriminalizing low-level drug possession in Oregon

A year ago, Oregon’s ballot initiative decriminalized personal possession of all drugs. So, how is it going, what are the answers? Douglas Berman does a great job of compiling a variety of reactions and comments on how this has affected the state. A big part of blogging is informing your readership, and it doesn’t always have to be with your own personal opinions. It brings some thoughts from the DPA as well as local news articles that all have different points of view. It is not enough to simply report on important legislation when it is enacted, but to see how it affects the community and the various people involved, just as this blog post does. Available at Sentencing Law and Policy on the Law Professors Blog Network.

Five Key Government Procurement Policies of 2021

How have government contractors been impacted by policies in the second half of 2021? Anne Hall is the author of this article which explains exactly that. It’s really well organized, separating out each of the five areas of government procurement policy that the agencies have changed or reviewed in the second half of 2021. But, what it does best is include insightful quotes from a few lawyers who have a bit to say on the topics. Bringing in other perspectives is always a great idea, a good opportunity to network and join in the conversation. Available on the Hall Benefits Law blog.