It’s the last Friday in October, which means it’s almost Halloween and it’s time for another Best of Law blog. Alec and Michelle have once again rounded up their favorite posts of the week, along with a few vacation-themed posts. So sit down, maybe grab some candy, and check out some articles on candy brands, the Clio talk, and nonprofit tweets of the week.

Alec’s choices

This ain’t your daddy’s Brady Bunch

As someone who grew up watching The Brady Bunch, this article could have made my list based on that witty headline alone. However, Pierre Mahler by Farrell Fritz has a lot more to offer in this article than its headline. In it, he gives readers a detailed analysis of the legal battle over precious farmland within a family. Although it takes longer to read than an average blog post, Mahler’s clear writing style, coupled with his use of captions, bullets, and bulk quotes, makes the post easy to read. . Available at Business divorce in New York.

The panel of Theseus

Another post with a title that caught my eye which shows how important this is when creating posts. Matt Leerberg gets a little philosophical with this one, appealing to one of the oldest thought experiments in Western philosophy – The Ship of Theseus. This is one of the most unique articles I have read in a while, and Leerberg deserves credit for drawing such a fitting analogy between this thought experiment and a contemporary legal problem. Any blog post that wants to be this creative and experimental deserves to be recognized and your readership. Available at Fox Rothschild North Carolina Appeals Practice Blog.

Clio Cloud 2021 Conference: Highlights from Jack Newton’s keynote

Today is the last day of Clio Cloud Conference which lasted all last week. It was the second year that Clio organized the event virtually and Clio’s Carissa Tham did a fantastic job recapping the speech from the CEO and co-founder of Clio Jack Newton on the the company blog. If you weren’t able to attend this year’s event, I highly recommend that you at least read this article to get a feel for what this conference is all about.

Michelle’s choices

Five frightening mistakes lawyers make when it comes to business development

I can always appreciate a good vacation-themed blog post (especially one that includes cute photos of animals in disguise). Lindsay griffiths Authors of this spooky article on Scary Mistakes Lawyers Make in Business Development and How to Avoid Them. Making this topic fit into the Halloween theme is effortless and she makes for a very engaging, informative, and just plain fun blog post. Available at International Lawyers Network Zen and the art of legal networking.

Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 10/29/21

This is a very interesting idea for a post that not only serves to educate the blog readership on the notable nonprofit sector events of the week, but also opens the door to potential connections. By featuring tweets from a variety of people and organizations, the NEO Law group has the opportunity to use this blog post to network and nurture relationships. It’s always a good idea to mention and link to others in your post, and it’s a great example of a creative way to do just that. Available at Nonprofit Law Blog.


Like I said, I love well-executed thematic posts. Taking a look at candy brands is a nifty way to incorporate a Halloween post into your blogging calendar. The definition of a registrable trade-mark in Canada was broadened a few years ago, which can now apply to popular brands of chocolate and candy. Sarah Pennington and Jordana sanft list some of these brands and their easily recognizable images. Available at Norton Rose Fulbright The brand protection blog.

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