December already? We took a brief hiatus from our Best of Law Blogging series last week to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, but this Friday we’re back with some of our favorite blog posts from the past two weeks. Meanwhile, the Omicron variant grabbed the headlines and our blogging community got down to work explaining what that might mean for the rest of us. We have articles on a range of other topics, including the impacts of Brexit on the Ireland / Northern Ireland border and the regulation of electric scooters.

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Omicron variant will create more uncertainty for employers

While there is still no agreed pronunciation from the word “Omicron” we can all agree that the variant itself is cause for concern. Our community of legal bloggers embarked on the task of covering the new variant and Dan Schwartz wrote one of my favorites. Schwartz jumped on the topic early and spent some of his Thanksgiving break writing this informative article for employers. It has taken a weighted approach and provided helpful advice to its readers despite having very limited information about the variant at the time of publication. Available at Connecticut Labor Law Blog.

The ineffectiveness of Omicron’s latest travel ban from the perspective of immigration lawyers

Every area of ​​law has been affected by Omicron in one way or another over the past two weeks, but immigration and travel could be hit the hardest. In this post, Cyrus Mehta and Kaitlyn Box make a convincing case against the recent travel bans issued by the Biden administration. The duo expertly expose the many flaws and hypocrisies inherent in these types of travel bans and illustrate how they challenge scientific reality. This article is an incredibly well-constructed takedown of those ill-conceived travel bans and I cannot commend Mehta and Box enough for their thoroughness. Available at The Insightful Immigration Blog.

Rising regulations as electric scooters continue to hit the streets

In recent years, electric scooters and electric bicycles have rapidly gained in popularity (just ask Colin O’Keefe from LexBlog) and their market shows no signs of slowing down. In turn, more and more rules and regulations for these modes of transport are popping up across the country. The team of Schiff Hardin LLP decided to write an interesting review article on a variety of issues. Shantazia nash and Rachel remke Give us a great overview of the current legal landscape for electric scooters and take a look at a legal topic that they believe remains a “moving target”. Product Liability and Mass Crime Blog.

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The EU, the UK and the Northern Ireland Protocol (again!)

You know that an article or blog post is well written when you can seamlessly follow it from start to finish without getting confused, lost, or bored. Thomas reilly does a great job with this piece, writing in a very relaxed and understandable way. What is definitely a complex subject is presented in a clear style, and the use of headers acts more as a guide through the room, rather than a concrete separation. I really like this approach and think it was executed well alongside the use of balls where appropriate. Available at Covington and Burling’s Global political watch.

Time is money: a quick tip on wage hours on … the classification of independent contractors

A change of direction can make any new directive or law obscure because Amy ramsey points out. And any uncertainty or confusion over whether someone should be considered an employee or an independent contractor can be a costly mistake. Ramsey does an in-depth job going through federal changes and this year’s California-specific changes and how some laws that were supposed to come into effect never did after Biden’s Department of Labor removed them. Her post is easy to follow with the use of clear headers and bullet points to summarize the key points. Available at Epstein Becker & Green’s Wages and Hours Defense Blog.

Biden administration restricts travel from 8 African countries due to Omicron variant

As Cyrus Mehta and Kaitlyn Box pointed out in one of the articles above, the effectiveness of travel bans is definitely questionable. But, it is still important for those who may be affected to know what applies to them. Kaitlyn Bolayir writes this helpful and easy-to-follow guide that answers questions that are sure to arise, such as which countries are affected, who is exempt, and what COVID testing and vaccination criteria are required for entry. Available at Greenberg Traurig’s Inside business immigration.