DOVER, Dela .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Hashnode, a blogging platform designed and dedicated to the global software development community, today announced that it has received $ 6.7 million in a Series A fundraiser led by Salesforce Ventures at the following an initial funding of $ 2.1 million in December 2020. Salesforce Ventures is joined by another firm, capital investors Sierra Ventures, Sequoia Capital India’s Surge and Accel Partners, as well as angel investors Naval Ravikant (co- founder, Angellist), Des Traynor (co-founder, Intercom), Guillermo Rauch (co-founder, Vercel), Salil Deshpande (general partner, Uncorrelated) and Ed Roman (managing director, HackVC).

The funding will be used to continue to grow the platform’s user base, accelerating its mission to become the number one platform for software development, engineering, and technology content – in turn, fueling the platform. creator economy for the growing developer community. There is now almost 25 million developers working worldwide so there is a huge market opportunity for Hashnode to help fill knowledge gaps – especially important as remote work remain popular among developers.

Specific initiatives underway at Hashnode include recruiting new talent, expanding global operations, and deploying new features, including team release – a service that allows entire companies to take advantage of the platform. Hashnode to feed engineering and tech blogs and reach the global developer community – as well as an iOS and Android compatible mobile app.

Hashnode is the first blogging platform designed and optimized specifically for the software developer community to support the knowledge sharing economy. Unlike existing blogging sites and platforms, Hashnode does not use pay walls – content is freely accessible to readers around the world – and authors fully own their Hashnode blogs and can map them to their own domains. This ensures that users never lose access to their content and can continue to enjoy the benefits of SEO while maintaining connections with Hashnode’s large global developer community. Hashnode also allows readers to tip authors, ensuring that software developers can monetize their work.

Additional developer-centric features of Hashnode include:

  • Custom CSS to allow unlimited blog customization – essential for maintaining and communicating key branding elements, such as colors and fonts

  • Detailed, out-of-the-box analytics for all blogs

  • Support for rich integrations and code highlighting

  • Bulk imports of content from other blogging platforms including Medium and WordPress

  • Powerful integrations with a variety of development tools and resources, including GitHub, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Fathom Analytics, and Plausible

According to Alex Kayyal, Managing Partner and Senior Vice President, Salesforce Ventures, “The rapid growth of Hashnode since launch shows how important a solution like this is to developers. We are proud to support innovators like Hashnode as they strive to create a global knowledge-sharing community we truly believe in, empowering and connecting developers around the world.

Founded by Fazle Rahman (Co-Founder & CEO) and Sandeep Panda (Co-Founder & CTO), Hashnode was launched in June 2020 with a mission to connect developers around the world, help them share knowledge, grow and build a global community. In its early days, the platform had 100,000 active users per month; in the past year that number has grown to over one million, and the platform currently hosts 60,000 active blogs. Notable bloggers include: Quincy Larson (Founder, FreeCodeCamp); Peter Friese (Developer Advocate, Google Firebase); Victoria Lo (engineer, PayPal), Jenna Pederson (lead developer, AWS Cloud); Nader Dabit (developer relations, Edge & Node); and Katherine Peterson (engineer, GitHub).

“Software developers are valuable members of the creator economy, fueling today’s most innovative technologies,” says Fazle Rahman, CEO and co-founder of Hashnode. “We started Hashnode because this group deserves a blogging platform designed especially for them – a platform where they can easily find each other, share ideas with like-minded professionals, and collaborate to create technology that changes. gives it. With this new funding, we hope to be able to reach even more users around the world, helping to create a rich and thriving network that uplifts the entire profession.

Des Traynor, Intercom co-founder and angel investor, comments: “What Hashnode is doing for the developer community is transformative. Developers want to connect with each other, share ideas and code, but still own their creations and make them easily accessible, with no connection or pay wall. Hashnode is the solution. I am delighted to support Hashnode, I am impressed with their progress to date and look forward to their continued growth and evolution.

On Hashnode

Hashnode is the very first blogging platform designed by and for software developers. Hashnode’s mission is to connect developers around the world, help them share knowledge and grow. Launched in 2020, the platform allows users to blog in their personal domain, own and share their ideas, get paid for their writing, and connect with the wider global developer community, all without the obstacle of paywalls. For more information visit

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