Fingers are crossed as we prepare for another exciting Dallas Cowboys season! With a new roster comes an opportunity to make some new predictions about what could happen in 2022. That’s exactly what NFL Network’s Adam Rank set out to do when he offered four bold predictions for the 2022 season. Cowboys and grouped them together by the spiciness of each take. . Let’s take a look at each of his predictions and figure out if we can tolerate the heat.

Sweet, but tasty: CeeDee Lamb won’t be as productive as we think

Rank starts off with a reasonably soft take here as he digs into the Cowboys wide receiver situation. Certainly, many fans are extremely pleased with Lamb as he takes the team’s WR1 spot after the team traded Amari Cooper. Even with the veteran Cooper on the roster, the younger Lamb has surpassed him in catches per game, yards per game, yards per reception and catch percentage. It’s easy to get an idea of ​​what Lamb’s third year might look like.

On the other hand, without Cooper catching the attention of defense, Lamb is going to face tougher assignments this season. Not only that, but he’ll be without Robin to his Batman in Michael Gallup for the first part of the season. These factors could put some pressure on the team’s rising star receiver, but do you agree with Rank’s prediction?


Will CeeDee Lamb emerge among the top five WRs in the NFL this coming season?

Spicy: Tony Pollard will be the Cowboys’ best receiver

Rank waded slowly into the pool with his first prediction, but he just falls into the deep end with this one. Pollard as the team’s best receiver? It just seems absurd because it would mean that several unlikely things should happen. First of all, Rank’s slight prediction should be right as Lamb is expected to have the worst season of his young career. But more than that, Kellen Moore’s use of Pollard should suddenly go from “not enough” to “total overload.”

Don’t get me wrong, we all want to see more of Pollard than the next one, but that would require the team to stand up and decide he’s the star player on offense for the Cowboys. Is it possible? We’re guessing anything is possible, but don’t be surprised if this hot take runs out in the first month of the season, as Pollard’s role is more or less the same with perhaps a slight increase in touches.


Will Pollard lead the receiving team?

Three alarms: Dak Prescott is a good quarterback

This is the most boring of the takes, as it looks like an opportunity to shoot Prescott more. For the real ones, why is that even a catch?

While it’s true that Dak is one of the Cowboys’ most watched players (even among his own fan base), few people think he’s a bad quarterback. Does he retain this team? Absolutely not. Does he have what it takes to lead this team to a Super Bowl? That’s the part that a lot of us debate, but it wouldn’t even be a debate if he wasn’t at least a good quarterback.


Is Dak Prescott a good quarterback

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Diablo: Mike McCarthy to be fired after losing to Packers

Rank ends this thing in style with a legit hold that’s on fire. Head Coach Mike McCarthy is entering his third season with the Cowboys. His freshman year was disastrous, but a season-ending injury gave him a good excuse to finish 6-10. Practice improved quite a bit last year, especially on the defensive side of the ball as the Cowboys defense went from worst in points allowed to no. 1 league team in takeout. Of course, many are quick to praise the addition of Dan Quinn for this big turnaround, as he and Defensive Rookie of the Year Micah Parsons are the two main factors that changed between the two seasons.

If the Cowboys have any signs of struggling this coming season, it could spell the beginning of the end for McCarthy; however, would Jerry Jones fire him mid-season? Such a course of action would require either a complete meltdown where the season is lost, or the belief that bad leadership is about to let an opportunity slip through their fingers, requiring quick change to save the day. Rank thinks the Cowboys will lose to the Green Bay Packers in mid-November, giving McCarthy the boot.


Will Mike McCarthy be fired during the season?