Brian Laundrie’s full autopsy results have been officially released and show gruesome new details after his death.

Killer of social media influencer Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie was ‘chewed away’ by animals after his suicide, according to an official autopsy report.

Brian Laundrie died of a gunshot wound to the head while fleeing authorities after killing his girlfriend Gabby Petito while on a road trip across the United States.

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Investigators located a “majority” of the body of Laundrie, 23, in a national park, with some areas showing signs of “gnawing and chewing”.

According to the autopsy report, these marks were caused by “post-mortem recoveries” and “carnivorous activity”.

Laundrie’s body was found alongside several items believed to have belonged to the 23-year-old, including a pair of slip-on shoes, a ring, shorts, a backpack and a handgun.

A second scene was established where investigators discovered the remains of an animal that indicates the hunt with a hat, a handwritten note, and a waterproof bag containing Laundrie’s diary, a notebook, and a wooden box.

Investigators said the notebook contained entries from Laundrie, confessing to the murder of his 22-year-old girlfriend, Gabby Petito.

Petito disappeared in October last year, with police not learning of his disappearance until after Laundrie returned from his travels without Ms Petito.

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