Can you get a loan under a mandate contract?

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Are you employed under a mandate contract? Check if you can take out a loan from a non-bank company!

Polish law allows for several types of employment

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Civil law contracts, i.e. work and commission, are extremely popular among them. Their main disadvantage is the lack of job stability and regular income certainty, and thus less chance of getting a loan or credit. However, are people who cannot boast of an employment contract, but are ordered to lose their position in advance? Not necessarily, banks and non-bank institutions are increasingly reaching out to such applicants.

A large part of the Pole in bed working on junk contracts, including contracts was commissioned. According to statistical data employed in this JPIC bed b it is more than 2 million of our compatriot bed. The agreements are commissioned by the employer preferred alternative for an individual’s employment at the time, or full-time work with prepaid contributions, health, pension and disease.

Contract of mandate – characteristics

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Its framework is governed by the Civil Code, exactly Articles 734 to 751. The subject of the mandate contract is to perform a specific legal act. This can occur zar NCE bed fee or free. Parties to any such agreement can be any individuals, but also legal, have re kt yellow legal capacity. One of them is called in this case no yellow client and the contractor performing the contract.

As a rule, a record for the completion of bed in the contract the contractor must be paid, usually set out therein. In the absence of its designation gives the legislature, on many factors not in bed, including the time spent on the execution of the order, professionalism and preparation contractor, as well as the level of difficulty of the activity.

What is important is desired that wed the mother turtle provision in the contract of mandate is the so-called agreement, careful action. This means that a person undertaking the implementation of a given task must do everything to perform it. However, the result is not important.

Changes in Polish law

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At the beginning of 2017 the Polish legal system introduced significant changes concerning the conclusion of POIs in order. For example, a minimum hourly rate was set that the contractor is entitled to when performing the contracted activity. It amounts to PLN 13 gross and applies to all contracts. However, each medal has two sides. With benefits to the contractor, that also comes FURTHER formalities. He must, among other things, record his work time, i.e. every month or at the end of the contract period, he must provide the client with a statement showing the hours worked. The parties may specify in the contract while another bed JPIC b keep records. This obligation may also fall on, for example, the shoulders of the ordering person.

Contract loans and negative history

The most important thing for a bank or a loan company is credibility. Financial institutions are looking at whether the person in debt, kt ó rhyme once tripped the leg, slightly more favorably than a few or several years ago. If a customer had problems with repayment obligation was entered into the debtor in bed, but eventually settled all debts, he has a chance to receive further aid. Each case is different.

Best to ask about The possibility to euro area after cutting in Brine O for. Pollyanna, for example, provides this type of support. All you need to do is contact a specialist at 801 40 40 40 or by e-mail at the following email address: contact @ Pollyanna . The consultant will dispel all doubts and is able to advise the best solution for the client. Pollyanna does not close the road to taking a loan for anyone, and approaches each consumer individually. People employed on a mandate contract have a big chance to receive a lifebuoy.

To a large extent, regular account receipts, high salary, cooperation with one or several principals for a long time, permanent contracts for at least half a year, and preferably several years. The borrower may yellow pom c a Letter of Intent or opinion of the principal, kt yellow rice ensures that you will have it for another well-paid job.