A Las Vegas resident who worked as a content moderator on TikTok sued the social network and its parent company ByteDance for leaving her with him. post-traumatic stress disorder because of having to watch a huge amount of loud videos.

According to the complaint filed this Thursday by Candie Frazier in federal court in Los Angeles (USA) and seen by Bloomberg, TikTok moderators are forced to review between three and ten videos at the same time so as not to spend more than 25 seconds on each record. In addition, they are exposed to child pornography, beheading, rape and animal mutilation on a daily basis during their shifts. 12 hours with only one hour to eat and two 15-minute breaks.

Frazier herself had to revisit videos with scenes of cannibalism, broken heads, suicides, school shootings and even a fatal fall from a building. Now the complainant says she has trouble falling asleep and when she does she suffers from “horrible nightmares“.

Frazier is seeking compensation for the psychological damage caused by the videos he had to watch and is insisting that the company establish a medical fund for content moderators.

In the lawsuit, he also recalls that the Chinese platform, along with Facebook and YouTube, was part of the social networking group that developed regulations to help moderators get through the “shock” of having to see images of child abuse. children under labor obligations, but did not implement the agreed guidelines.

Likewise, TikTok has left its staff without psychological support and has not limited work shifts to no more than four hours, according to the document. For its part, the platform did not respond to Bloomberg’s request to comment on the matter.

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