CoachHub has acquired the coaching division of market leader Klaiton, solidifying its position in digital coaching.

CoachHub says the acquisition of Klaiton Coaching strengthens its global leadership position and expands its presence in Europe. The company has an existing global network of over 3,000 professional business coaches and over 500 employees worldwide.

Digital coaching offers businesses a one-stop solution to today’s challenges and is an essential part of people’s long-term development, according to the company.

The acquisition will allow CoachHub to benefit from Klaiton’s pool of more than 500 highly qualified business coaches and its strong position in the Austrian market. Companies such as OMV, Erste Group Bank AG and UNIQA Group are among the existing customers. Klaiton will retain its core business and continue to place highly skilled consultants in the DACH region.

“With Klaiton, we have created one of the best coaching companies in Austria,” says Klaiton co-founder and managing partner Tina Deutsch.

“I am excited to take another step forward with CoachHub and align our coaches and clients internationally. I am confident that with our combined strengths, we can help prepare people around the world for the challenges of the world of work with our coaching offer and support them in their personal development.”

Joining forces for sustainable business success

The pandemic has caused a wave of layoffs in the United States and the DACH region, which continues to hold the world of work in suspense. Companies have to take countermeasures to ensure lasting success and are therefore dependent on new impulses and strategies. CouchHub says this is where coaching comes in and helps young and experienced managers react to current challenges. It says businesses in a variety of industries and of all sizes can benefit.

“We value the development of our people because as a company we ultimately become better through their performance,” says Adam Ellis, CEO of Blue Tomato.

“With the coaching, we offer them a real opportunity to develop and build their careers by building on their strengths at Blue Tomato. It’s a huge boost for the company as a whole.”

Enable individual staff development worldwide

Many companies tend to only expand into the biggest markets. However, CoachHub says its vision to democratize coaching applies across all borders, as companies with global reach have teams located all over the world. Now, CoachHub and Klaiton will combine their expertise and together pursue the vision of democratizing digital coaching in businesses and organizations around the world.

“By acquiring Klaiton’s coaching business, our pool has over 3,500 qualified and professional coaches,” says Matti Niebelschtz, founder of CoachHub.

“Through our global network and digital platform, we can offer Klaitons customers access to coaches worldwide. Existing CoachHub customers benefit from Klaitons strong network of coaches in Austria. CoachHub’s geographic reach and the expansion of its coaching offerings, all customers worldwide will benefit from an even greater pool of qualified coaches, improved service and ultimately an even greater impact on employee development.”