After a few days away from the field, the Dallas Cowboys returned to work in their training camp at Oxnard. Even before the practice began, there was some very welcome news.

And to whet your appetite, here are some notes from Albert Breer to savor.

And this is Amari!

This also seems to be a very good sign.

But we were told his arm was about to drop.

It might be camp, but there is still time to have some fun.

Slow and easy does the trick.

In case you missed it, the NFL is cracking down on taunt penalties. It mostly sounds silly, but there is this.

The unfortunate calculation of how the unhappiness of one player can open the door for another.

Pull this straight through my veins.



Can you have a more perfect attitude than Micah?

If you weren’t aware, it was a special practice.

The tower slams the tower speech.

Since this was a step-by-step practice, there weren’t many normal highlights. So here’s another one from Dak and Amari, who were naturally in the center of the media.

Meanwhile, tonight is the first episode of Hard Knocks from the Cowboys training camp. It is a must see.

And even better, we’ll have a live stream on YouTube right after the show!