The Dallas Cowboys had a number of decisions to make going into this offseason and made a streak of picks that got us to where they are right now. One of the choices the Cowboys front office made was to franchise tag Dalton Schultz at a value just south of $11 million for the 2022 season. Given the way this team operates, he didn’t It’s never been particularly likely that Dallas will be interested in paying Schultz long-term money, but surprises happen all the time. The Cowboys covered the future of the tight end position by drafting Jake Ferguson in the fourth round of this year’s draft.

Schultz signed his label, but the variables at hand have changed a bit since then. The Cleveland Browns negotiated a new deal with the tight end they tagged David Njoku a week and a half ago (four years, $56.75 million, $28 million guaranteed) and it looks like the Schultz representation took note of it.

Dalton Schultz would skip the rest of the volunteer OTAs citing ‘frustration with the state of contract talks’

Offseason practices will continue for the Cowboys on Monday, but it looks like their starting tight end won’t be there. NFL Network reported earlier this week that Schultz would skip the rest of the OTAs out of frustration with his contract situation.

Dallas has a mandatory minicamp that starts next Tuesday (June 14), so it stands to reason Schultz will be there for that, but this week will obviously be a little tense given his decision to step aside.

Skipping voluntary action is no stranger to NFL players, but this situation with Schultz is a bit interesting in that he’s already signed to the franchise tag, which is why he can’t skip all that. which is mandatory. If Schultz really wanted to dig a new deal, it would have made more sense not to sign him and take things on the eleventh hour in mid-July like many players have done before him.

Truth be told, this is one of the last “moves” Schultz has to play and it looks like his portrayal seems like the best fit for him right now.