Last week got a little interesting for the Dallas Cowboys when it was reported that tight end Dalton Schultz would be skipping the remaining portion of volunteer work due to his unhappiness with his contract situation. This situation was interesting as Schultz just signed a new contract with the team a few months ago. While the contract was technically the franchise tag Dallas gave him, Schultz signed it (worth just under $11 million for that season), which locked him in for 2022. It’s not uncommon for players to dislike the tag process. , but Schultz signed him and somehow lost any leverage he’d have by sitting out any part of the offseason (especially since Schultz had already shown up for volunteer work).

It was always going to be interesting to see whether or not Schultz showed up when things became mandatory and fines became a possibility. That time has come and we have our answer.

Dalton Schultz to report at minicamp, contract talks ‘resumed’ in recent days

The Cowboys have a mandatory minicamp this week, which means Schultz faces fines if he doesn’t attend. While he apparently tried to send some sort of message last week, it appears to be over. NFL Network reported Tuesday morning that Schultz will attend the team’s minicamp.

Tom Pelissero also noted that contract talks between Schultz and the Cowboys have resumed in recent days, which is obviously the time when this has become a bigger story. It makes sense that Schultz’s camp is fighting for a deal worth nearly $11 million a year given the tag he’s on is worth it, but it also makes sense that the Cowboys consider all options before agreeing to a deal like this.

The Cleveland Browns complicated things with the tight market recently when they gave David Njoku (who was also tagged as a franchise, likely adding to Dalton’s point/feelings) four years worth $57 million with $28 million guaranteed.

For now, Dalton Schultz is expected to return to work with the Cowboys. We’ll see what happens next.