We are almost there. Just another day until the official start of the 2022 NFL Draft. As draft day approaches, we’ve prepared our final draft roundup of the season.

We visited 10 different mock drafts and came to a consensus – almost everyone thinks the Dallas Cowboys will draft an offensive lineman. About the only other group of positions, you can find a mock draft pick for wide receiver. But the prevailing sentiment is that the Cowboys will help their failing offensive line improve.

Of those 10 simulations, guard Kenyon Green was the first choice four times.

CBS Sports (Prisco)

Round 1 – Pick 24

Kenyan Green LO

TEXAS A&M • JR • 6’4″ / 323 LBS

He can play inside and outside and it’s time for Dallas to address an offensive line that isn’t what it used to be. They could also watch Pass rusher or Receiver here.

CBS Sports (Trapasso)

Round 1 – Pick 24

Kenyan Green LO

TEXAS A&M • JR • 6’4″ / 323 LBS

The Cowboys have lost a few pieces of their once vaunted offensive line, and Green’s SEC experience and positional versatility make him an easy pick here.

PFT (Florio)

24. Cowboys: Kenyon Green, guard, Texas A&M.

It’s time to take care of the offensive line again.

PFF (Meirov)


Starting to inject some youth into the Cowboys offensive line seems like a must. Green boot [sic] at every offensive line position except center last season, earning a 79.8 PFF rating. He interviewed teams very well throughout the draft process, meeting most teams in the back end of Round 1 and the top of Round 2. Dallas met him at the combine and then l also brought to its facilities for a visit. Drafting someone with the versatility to play in multiple positions is very appealing to teams.

No real surprise here. Green has long been associated with the Cowboys in the draft process. Having her for a visit to the Star only strengthens that connection. Although his reason for being drafted is to play left guard, as noted above, Green is a versatile lineman who could help in places other than center if needed. If you were to deposit money, this is probably the prospect that would affect you the most. Of course, the draft is unpredictable, but this choice makes a lot of sense.

The next lineman in our roundup, Tyler Linderbaum, makes sense in the abstract to help the offensive line, but justifying it in the current Cowboys line takes a little more imagination.

NFL Network (Lewis)

To take Dallas Cowboys

Tyler Linderbaum

Iowa LIO Junior (RS)

Replace one Tyler with another. Yes, 2020 fourth-round pick Tyler Biadasz was a dependable player for Dallas last year, but I keep thinking what a building block Travis Frederick’s first-round pick was for the Cowboys in 2013. Linderbaum might provide a similar boost to an offensive line that has become a shell of what was football’s most dominant unit about five years ago.

PFF (Gayle)


6 feet 2 inches, 296 pounds | Age: 22 (07/04/2000)

Linderbaum finished the 2021 season as the highest-ranked interior offensive lineman in PFF and the highest-ranked interior offensive lineman expected to enter the 2022 NFL Draft. He is an immediate improvement over veteran Cowboys Tyler Biadasz, who only had an overall rating of 65.1 out of 1,274 snaps played at center last season.

yarn project

24. Dallas Cowboys | Iowa IOL Tyler Linderbaum

Fixing the offensive line must be Dallas’ top priority. They’re taking a big step in that direction here, with the top-rated center in this draft, and one that comes from a proven program when it comes to producing elite blockers.

Linderbaum can fill in immediately at any inside spot and will be an immediate upgrade for a Cowboys team that needs to protect its franchise quarterback.

Peter King

24. Dallas Cowboys: Tyler Linderbaum, center, Iowa

The tea leaves are picked, because of Dallas’ love of building the offensive line (Travis Frederick, Zack Martin, Tyron Smith); due to high regard for Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz; and because Linderbaum is consistently ranked as the top center and among the top 20 overall prospects on numerous boards. Which, for a guy who only plays one position, means something. Linderbaum is a rock-solid center, with 35 starts at that position over the past three years. He’s a bit undersized for NFL center (6-2, 298) and doesn’t have positional versatility, at least not yet. But he’s a physical, competitive player with Ferentz’s pedigree. Iowa are proving to be terrific offensive linemen.

There are two sides to this choice. On the one hand, you have the best player in his position and the Cowboys have been fans of him in previous drafts. He could also help along the offensive line, which the team obviously wants to do. Linderbaum represents a possible cornerstone along the offensive line for a long time.

On the other side, Linderbaum is pretty much considered a center-only pick type. That would mean he would move Tyler Biadasz, and Biadasz, so far, hasn’t been considered a guy you could move to left guard. So that would mean the Cowboys would still have to fill that spot one way or another. And there is support for Biadasz as he looked to be improving towards the end of last year and could be on his way to being a solid down the line. Media close to the team don’t think the Cowboys are inclined to go in that direction.

Let’s move on to the other guard associated with the Cowboys, Zion Johnson.

NFL.com (Brooks)

To take Dallas Cowboys

Sion Johnson

Boston College · OG · Senior

Correcting the offensive line will help the Cowboys offense regain its explosiveness.

As we’ve discussed many times, if the Cowboys don’t take Kenyon Green, Zion Johnson just might be the guy.

And finally, another name that sometimes surfaces for the Cowboys at pick 24, but seems like a reach.

CBS Sports (Brinson)

Round 1 – Pick 24

Bernard Raiman LO


Check the “official visit” box for the Cowboys, who secretly need to recharge their offensive line thanks to attrition over the past few years from what was once the league’s best unit.

Raimann appears to be built as an attacking tackle given his frame and good athleticism as he was once a tight end. You could probably squeeze him into the guard position right now, but is that the best use of his talents? And picking it that high makes it feel like a litter. If he could play guard, he would represent great flexibility as he could move to tackle in the future.

Alright, BTB. Who do you have to choose 24?