Chris Godwin expects to be the decider of the game on Sunday – Scott Smith,

The Cowboys could be without their No. 2 wide receiver on Sunday night for the home opener. The status of the game surrounding the Bucs’ No. 2 receiver will also be in question all weekend.

On Thursday, Godwin was asked where he is in relation to his comeback, both mentally and physically. As he noted on a podcast a few days earlier, he still doesn’t know what the answer will be on Sunday.

“Honestly, I think it’s a very complicated process,” he said. “Obviously any time you come out of a major injury like this you never really know how you’re going to feel. I’m fine. You saw me training there; I I’ve done a lot of things. Every day is very different from the day before. So I think ultimately it comes down to just, one, how I’m feeling and then, two, the discussion I have with Coach [Todd] Bowles and the training staff. I think whenever the time comes for the game, I think everyone will know, but until then, even I’m not sure.

Godwin agreed that his availability for Sunday’s opener would be a “playing time decision”, but that when he has been allowed to play, he will not be held back by the fear of taking hard knocks.

“No, I don’t think so,” he said. “I think every time I go there it’s because I feel really confident in my position and in my ability to not only play but also be able to take all the punches I need to. cash in. Football is a violent game and you can’t really protect yourself from everything Once I’m confident, once it’s the right time for me to go there, go for it and play.

Jason Garrett tries to fuck the Cowboys again – Mauricio Rodriguez, A to Z Sports

Former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is now with NBC Sports and was asked what he thought of Dallas’ Week 1 game plan. Here’s Garrett’s answer.

“They have to get the ball to Zeke Elliott time and time again in the middle of defense,” Garrett said of the Cowboys offense. “It might not be really productive, but they have to be patient and then make a few plays with a run after the catch.”

I mean, you gotta love how he dropped “this might not be really productive” in the middle of his proposed strategy.

“One thing they can’t do,” Garrett continued, “is throw it 58 times like they did last year. They have to be balanced. That’s the formula against Tampa Bay.

Analyst: There’s no doubt the Cowboys’ Jerry Jones will look for Sean Payton if HC underperforms – Clark Dalton, Yardbarker

There has been a lot of speculation this offseason about head coach Mike McCarthy’s job security. As his third season with the team begins on Sunday, he could already be in the hot seat.

Mike McCarthy hasn’t won a playoff game in two seasons as head coach of the Cowboys, so it’s no surprise that he appears on many NFL hot seat lists. If he underperforms this season, could he be replaced by former Saints head coach Sean Payton?

“Let’s be honest, if (Cowboys owner) Jerry Jones has a crush on (Sean) Payton, he takes it,” wrote Sports Illustrated NFL reporter Conor Orr. “He also has one of football’s most sought-after young attacking minds, Kellen Moore, on staff, and Dan Quinn as defensive coordinator. If the Cowboys are slightly underperforming, there’s no way it won’t get worse.

Payton used the Cowboys as a career launch pad. He was assistant head coach to Pro Hall of Famer Bill Parcells for two seasons before taking the job from New Orleans in 2006.

In July, a source close to Payton told the Miami Herald that the Cowboys were “one of the teams” he would be interested in if he came out of retirement.

Jones tried to quell this speculation.

“He shouldn’t be a topic of conversation”, Jones said Athletic’s Jon Machota. “Mike is not only here, but he is in the best position, in my opinion, to lead this team.”

Science Lab: This Defense Could Be #1 in 22 – Patrick Walker,

The Dallas Cowboys defense is getting a lot of hype ahead of the game against Tom Brady and his Bucs offense. Coach McCarthy has confidence in his players to step up this season and do it.

“You know, I think Micah is a sophomore,” McCarthy said of Cowboys training camp in Oxnard. “And what you expect from the rookie class – we talk about it all the time – is taking that sophomore jump. He’s lost a bit of weight; he’s had a really good offseason. Obviously over the course of the Year 2, and how people look at him and how they’ll have to plan against him, we’ve had a whole year to implement the plans around that and make sure we’re giving him the opportunities he needs.

“…He’s definitely put himself in a position to take a big leap into second year.”

Helping Parsons’ mission is the addition of four-time Pro Bowl linebacker Anthony Barr, an acquisition that instantly adds a barrel of dynamite to the LB unit that can add a level of all-around explosiveness rarely seen in the second tier of the Cowboys defense.

Barr’s presence makes it nearly impossible to laser on Parsons, as does what appears to be a determined Leighton Vander Esch (on a proof deal in 2022, no less) and the return of former promising fourth-round pick Jabril Cox for help make an LB body that can cover sideline to sideline and fire a cannon at the opposing quarterback at the most opportune but unpredictable time.

The bottom line is the Cowboys defense, while stellar in 2021, left a lot of meat on the bone and they know it.

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