John Fassel explains Punt Rush Call vs. Chargers – Rob Phillips, Dallascowboys.com

Fortunately for the Cowboys, the big penalty did not come back to bite them.

Special teams coordinator John Fassel is known for his aggressive in-game decisions, and Sunday’s game against the Chargers was no different. On Monday, Fassel explained his decision to attempt a clearance block attempt at the two-minute warning before half-time, which resulted in a crass kicker penalty and an automatic first down for the Chargers at the 39-line. Dallas yards.

“The thought process was, I think Cowboys fans aren’t the type to play it safe. So I was going to give them what they wanted: to hit their buttocks on the fly. So I hope they will be happy with it, ”said Fassel. “We came after him. It was a bit of the state of mind before the game that we were going to come after this football. And you can certainly argue about anything. But I’m still not sure we really brutalized him.

What could Micah Parsons’ role look like next? -David Helman, Dallascowboys.com

After an impressive performance at the defensive end, take a look at what could be in store for the talented rookie.

Parsons’ performance was so impressive that it already raises the question of whether it should be a long-term change. Randy Gregory is expected to return from the COVID-19 roster this week, but DeMarcus Lawrence is still expected to miss about two months of playing time with a broken foot. Is it possible the rookie was good enough to see the lion’s share of his shots come to the end?

“I think he did a good job and that will continue to be part of what he does, but there are also some good things he does for the linebacker,” Quinn said. “We’re going to make sure we don’t overload him but give him the right amount he needs.”

This should be an encouraging quote to read, given what we’ve seen from Parsons for two weeks. While his Week 1 outing against Tampa Bay might not have been so memorable, his five tackles and three pushes provided a glimpse of that versatility. To extend it so much in Week 2 – and with just a few days notice – hammered even more the fact that Parsons is clearly capable of wearing multiple hats in Quinn’s defense.

“It creates targeting challenges for the offense,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said. “We’re going to maximize this opportunity as best we can. I think we all recognize the week we had last week, we had a few midweek changes and all of that counts as well.”

Biggest takeaways from Cowboys win include creativity in play calls – Cameron Burnett, Cowboys Wire

Even in a win, there was still stuff to clean up.

Kellen Moore can’t get cute with play calls. Last week the focus was on offensive coordinator Moore’s exceptional and unorthodox playcall that put Todd Bowles and the Buccaneers on the ropes from the start. Prescott threw the ball 58 times that night, then had just 27 passing attempts in Los Angeles.

Moore’s game plan is simple. Find the holes, attack the holes, repeat. After barely leading football in Week 1, the Cowboys have led football more than 50% of the time, almost eclipsing the 200-yard mark. While calling for another solid game, there were some interesting decisions. Moore called a formation where there were only three offensive linemen ahead of Prescott, setting up a screen for Pollard.

This game was successful, but they returned to the lineup two games later and it cost them five yards. There’s no doubt about Moore’s genius and creativity as a playmaker, but he doesn’t have to think too hard to beat even the best defenses in the NFL.

Against the Chargers, the Dallas Cowboys brought thunder and lightning – Tom Ryle, Blogging The Boys

The duo of Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard is a real thunder and lightning.

A lot of people look at those numbers and say Pollard is obviously the best now and should have more opportunities than Elliott. His 8.4 yards per carry is almost double Elliott’s 4.4. The latter had the advantage of receiving with 13 yards per catch versus 10.3, but of course those are running backs so that just doesn’t count. There are still Zeke loyalists who point out the importance of his superb pass blocking in keeping Dak Prescott upright as a reason not to be so keen on changing the two in the depth tables. That can certainly be a reason Elliott was on the pitch for more than twice as many offensive plays, 44-21.

Everything leaves me like the little girl in the ad asking “Why not have both?” “

In the passing game, we are almost always on top of the total of all receptions, as that is a major statistic for the quarterback. But we don’t tend to think so much about the racing game in its entirety. If you look at it like two players combining 180 yards on the ground, or 237 yards in total after a scrum, more than half of Dallas’ total, that seems like something you should hate walking away from.

Still, according to the argument, Pollard should clearly get more touches as he’s more productive outside of the backfield. There are a few counters to this. First, Elliott is a bigger and stronger back, weighing almost 20 pounds more than Pollard even after losing several pounds in the offseason. This makes him more apt to beat the defense. Then when Pollard comes in like the change of pace he’s always been meant to be, the defense has to adjust for a faster, more elusive runner. A simple error in judgment of a fraction of a second can make the difference between a short or a long win.

Most egregious draft needs after week 2 of the NFL season – Alex Kay, BleacherReport.com

A way to anticipate the 2022 NFL Draft.

Dallas Cowboys: cornerback. The Cowboys executives knew their defense was a problem in the last draft, using each of their first six picks on the prospects to help on that side of the ball. Barely two weeks after the start of the new season, it’s obvious those choices weren’t enough. Dallas still has glaring gaps to fill, especially in high school and on the periphery. The team allowed 346 yards per game to the opposing quarterbacks, only the Ravens allowing more this year. They also allowed almost 70% of passes to be completed and conceded five touchdowns in the air in two games.

While Dallas struggled against the pressure and registered just two sacks, it’s hard to fully blame the passer for it. They weren’t able to reliably reach the quarterback, with the opposing receivers quickly breaking free and opening before the pocket had a chance to collapse.

Writing a top level cornerback would do wonders for this high school. Trevon Diggs, a second round last year, has been inconsistent to start his career. On Sunday, he had a huge pick but also allowed three of his other four targets to be caught for 65 yards. The Pick: CB Derek Stingley Jr., LSU

Dallas Cowboys: Despite thrilling Week 2 win, there is one cause for concern – Luis Tirado Jr., FanSided’s The Landry Hat

Penalties were a big concern in the first two weeks of the season.

The Dallas Cowboys must tighten up on reckless penalties. At this point, the Cowboys look like they could definitely be a playoff contender and who knows, could very well get away with the NFC East if everything falls into place. They’re not perfect, but a glaring concern that has surfaced at the start of the season is the reckless penalties committed by the team.

In the grand scheme of things, they have to tighten up when it comes to giving yards while committing penalties. To be fair, the Cowboys won 20-17 over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 2, but it really could have gone either way. It was that last second placement to secure the win, but if they had lost this game, you can easily see that unnecessary penalties would be a big reason why.

It all comes down to coaching and getting all of their players to buckle up and play smart, disciplined, situational football. As a team, the Cowboys have committed 8 penalties for 76 yards over the week and that can’t happen again if they are serious about pushing the limits this season for a playoff berth.

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