Cowboys LB Micah Parsons named 2021 PFWA Rookie of the Year – SportsDay Staff, Dallas Morning News

Micah Parsons reaped more than his share of awards and accolades during his rookie season. On Tuesday, he added to that long list by being named both Rookie of the Year and Defensive Rookie of the Year by the Pro Football Writers of America. It’s not a bad start for the hybrid linebacker’s professional career.

Parsons was named Rookie of the Year and Defensive Rookie of the Year by Professional American Football Writers on Tuesday. He was also named to the PFWA All-NFL and All-NFC teams released on Monday.

In his first season in the NFL, Parsons became a key player in Dallas’ highly improved defense, recording 84 tackles, 13 sacks and three forced fumbles in 16 games.

Cowboys teammates Zack Martin and Trevon Diggs, both also named All-Pros, joined Parsons on the PFWA All-NFL and All-NFC teams.

Could the Saints hire Dan Quinn or Kellen Moore from the Cowboys to replace coach Sean Payton? – Jeremy Brener, Sports Illustrated

With reports of Sean Payton resigning in New Orleans, speculation of a possible coaching change in Dallas is once again mounting. Should Dallas pull the trigger?

Sean Payton decided on Tuesday that he was the head coach of the New Orleans Saints after 16 years with the franchise.

During his tenure, Payton led the Saints to victory in Super Bowl XLIV, seven NFC South titles and nine playoff appearances.

With Payton out of the Big Easy, that opens up another head coaching vacancy in the league, one that — listen to us now — could in theory be filled by Dallas Cowboys coordinators Kellen Moore or Dan Quinn.

While Moore is unlikely to leave, the Saints have already hired a quarterback guru from the Cowboys, and there’s no guarantee that won’t happen again. The Saints have a late start in the coaching interview game, and if Moore isn’t the other teams’ first pick, he could be the best of what’s left for New Orleans.

Schultz at AFC South? Cowboys TE named top free agent target from 2 different clubs – KD Drummond, Cowboys Wire

With a myriad of free agents to face this summer, the Dallas Cowboys will face many tough decisions. Among them is Dalton Schutlz, whose career year has certainly earned him some money in his next contract but who could well come from elsewhere.

Dallas has several names they need to seriously consider, like defensive end Randy Gregory and WR Michael Gallup. However, perhaps the name that will get the most attention is tight end Dalton Schultz. Schultz has set career highs this season for catches (78), receiving yards (808) and receiving touchdowns (8). That level of production, finishing a notch behind team leader at a club with Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb, has needy TE teams salivating, including two AFC South teams.

In a poll of editors on USA Today’s NFL Wire network, where everyone was allowed to claim an unrestricted free agent, the Indianapolis Colts and Tennesee Titans named Schultz as their top target.

Cowboys expected to bring safety Malik Hooker back in 2022 – Matthew Lenxis, Inside The Star

Malik Hooker was one of the few free agent signings last summer that paid off for the Dallas defense in 2021. Letting him walk now when he was just starting to get back into shape would be a gamble. A Dallas shouldn’t do.

The Cowboys took a cautious approach and slowly brought Hooker into the mix, which was understandable after an Achilles tear. However, as the season progressed, Hooker began to show some flashes of his days with the Colts. He had at least five tackles three times from Week 11 through Week 15 and recorded at least 51% of the Cowboys’ defensive snaps twice in that span. Additionally, he played 45% of snaps in Weeks 17 and 19 and played a season high with 72% of defensive snaps in Week 18.

As you can see, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn has shown great confidence in Hooker to get the job done over the last eight games of the season, although Kazee has played a bit more than him. Hooker’s best game was against the New York Giants in Week 15 when he tied a season high with six tackles and recorded his first interception since 2019.

Hooker never lacked talent, just the ability to stay healthy. Hopefully he overcame that difficulty by playing a career-high 15 games and recording 446 snaps this season. The more Hooker played, the ball-peddling skills and ability to show support against the run that made him such a high draft pick began to resurface and it led to him recording 44 tackles that were tied. for the second most he’s had in any season, and he’s done it while playing as a substitute for most of the year for Kazee.

Mailbag: spot the ball? Does Dak stack? -David Helman and Nick Eatman,

The divisional round of the NFL playoffs was an unforgettable moment for football fans, unsurprisingly many wondering how big the gap can be between their quarterback and Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.

This weekend, we watched four quarterbacks give performances for the ages, especially Mahomes and Allen. I felt like only a spectacular defender could stop them. It made me think of Dak’s performance. Do you think he elevates the team or does the team elevate him? Dak gets paid to produce like the guys we saw this weekend, but I don’t think he has it in him if the opposing team is competitive. – VINCENT RICHARDSON/MOBILE, AL

David: I won’t argue with you about Mahomes and Allen. It’s probably the best quarterback display I’ve ever seen in a game, and I think you just have to tip your cap and recognize that these two are on a different level than everyone else. I think the rest of what you said seems a little biased, though. As good as he is, Tom Brady turned the ball over twice and averaged 6.1 yards per attempt on Sunday. That’s to say nothing of Aaron Rodgers, the NFL’s likely MVP, who seemed just as helpless against San Francisco’s pass rush as Dak. I’m not trying to let Dak off the hook. His game plummeted in the second half of 2021, and he needs to regain everything he lost. But I didn’t come out of this weekend thinking the Cowboys had a hopeless quarterback situation. Is Dak on the level of Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen? No. But as these playoffs have already shown us, you don’t necessarily have to be that good to get your team where they want to go.

Pseudo: I really feel like Mahomes and Allen are destined to be the next Manning/Brady rivalry. I know it was just one game, but it looks like they could do this for years. And right now, Dak isn’t level with those two because they’re both better passers and better runners. I don’t think we’ve seen many “special” traits in Dak this year. Sometimes he throws it really well. Sometimes it will make a good run. But he doesn’t really do either of those things at the elite level. Think about it, if the Cowboys had beaten the 49ers last weekend and Dak was on the field in the Divisional Round, where would he rank among the 8 quarterbacks? Even the “homer” Cowboys fan couldn’t put him higher than sixth, which would put him ahead of Tannehill or Stafford or maybe Burrow. What I mean is that Dak probably would have been 7th or 8th on the list. So I think that means he needs a very good team around him to take the team to the next level.

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