London, UK, Jan 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Crypto Gamer, a London-based meta-global gaming company, is the latest token in the Binance Smart Chain Network and is redefining the gaming platform in the metaverse thanks to its unique abilities to bring together the best of all platforms in one place. The company announced the initial liquidity offering (ILO) pre-sale of its $CRG token on February 2, 2022.

“We are extremely excited about the pre-sale.” Said Shaleek Watley, Game Developer, Crypto Gamer. Crypto Gamer is a game changer for the metaverse gaming platform. The metaverse is continually evolving and blurring the lines between physical and digital assets. Gaming is one of the key industries that is being redefined through the endless possibilities of the metaverse – it is moving full steam ahead and embracing the virtual environment. Shaleek added.

$CRG Presale is on the PinkSale.Finance platform, soft cap at 500 BNB and hard cap at 1000 BNB. The Whitelist presale is now live on Sweepwidget and ends February 1, 2022. Sign up now!

On tokenomics, 35% goes to PRESALE, a fairly new concept where tokens are listed immediately on a decentralized exchange, 10% to development, 15% to a centralized exchange, 30% to a decentralized exchange and 5% each to marketing and partnerships.

Crypto Gamer is a unique platform because users will be able to share and sell the content they generate, such as videos, photos, and movies, as well as sell it like games and NFTs.
Crypto Gamer also allows users to play and stream digital video games such as Samurai, Pirate, E-Sports Ninja and many more with millions of other users.

With a simple click, users can participate in tournaments and win great prizes. “Protecting the privacy of our users is one of our top priorities and therefore we require everyone to register and create an account to ensure secure transactions,” Shaleek added.

The Crypto Gamer community is a universal acupuncture point for our teams, players, streamers, producers, NFT creators, and more. The cipher used for payments on the Crypto Gamer platform is the $CRG token.

“There has been a drastic shift in user preference, they gravitate towards the digital world especially towards an immersive gaming experience and are not afraid to interact with other users in the virtual environment. Crypto Gamer creates an environment for players to come to one platform and collaborate, Shaleek added.

Crypto Gamer was conceptualized to deliver best-in-class immersive gaming experience to the gaming community around the world. The team behind Crypto Gamers has extensive experience in the gaming industry and the blockchain space.

“As we all know, the opportunities are endless in the metaverse space and the potential for growth is exponential. As the gaming industry integrates the metaverse into its environment, the user base will only Shaleek noted the future of the game and the metaverse.

Additionally, Crypto Gamer is also holding an exclusive lottery where users have a chance to purchase and win Crypto Gamer products, the company offers various options to choose from ranging from VR headsets, apparel, electronic peripherals, accessories , etc