Training camp is almost here for the Dallas Cowboys, and their first-round pick is pumped.

This year, the start of the camp also means the start of the Cowboys’ last appearance on HBO. Hard knocks series. Many are not very happy given that the team’s previous two appearances on the popular feature film have led to fruitless seasons. But for Stephen Jones, a key member of the Dallas brain trust, that’s not a bad thing at all, as he recounted in an interview with ESPN’s Todd Archer.

“All of those things leading up to the season are huge, whether it’s the minicamps and OTAs, whether it’s training camp, whether it’s the ‘Hard Knocks’, whether it’s the preseason games, whether it’s the things that go with it, I think that’s a big part of our game, “Stephen Jones said.” It’s a natural build-up to motivate our fans to go to our football games. Obviously our world has been through a lot. you can’t just assume you’re going to flip the switch and everything will be fine.

“We think a lot of buildup, including ‘Hard Knocks’, is a good thing to get people to reconnect and get rolling.”

Yeah, that’s definitely throwing sugar in the lemon juice. Jones reveals his thoughts on the results with a focus on building the fan base. This leads to more ticket sales, moves merchandise, and sticks those eyeballs to screens, which coincidentally increases revenue.

The goal of the camp is to prepare the team and assess the players to form the roster for the regular season. In Jones’ defense, these things are more the responsibility of the coaching staff. And he mentioned the likely approach they will take with Dak Prescott and all the other key players returning from injury.

“We’re going to be careful,” Stephen Jones said. “We’re going to relax with any of them. If someone who might need a little [of time], we are not going to rush because it is a trip. We think everyone will be ready to roll.

There is another side of things that sheds a little more favorable light on his point of view. This camp also aims to motivate players for the season. After the disappointment of last year when the NFC East was a trash fire and should have been easy to win, but the Cowboys saw things absolutely ruined by the eruption of serious injuries coupled with the inability to win. properly adapt to the restrictions caused by COVID, they need to get their heads in the game and be ready to go.

This may be at least part of what Jones is trying to roll for the team. The Cowboys are arguably the most watched and scrutinized team in the NFL, and the extra attention from Hard Knocks is just one more measure of that. It makes sense to present it publicly in a positive light. As he mentioned, the decision to present Dallas was not in the hands of the team. It was a decision by NFL headquarters to maximize ratings. This is an area where the league is fully in line with Jones’ vision to excite fans. Now the team has to come to terms with everything and try to find some extra motivation for themselves.

This is a major year for Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff, as well as for many players such as those who could really cash in new contracts in 2022. Several others are trying to prove that last season was not not a true representation of what they can bring to the field.

Besides, what else was he going to say? Complaining about having to deal with cameras and the tendency to edit things for dramatic effect would only have encouraged similar grunts from the rest of the team. This might not fool anyone, but this is a case where it might be good if Jason Garrett wasn’t the only one who loves a good glass of lemonade sometimes.

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