The Dallas Cowboys are a pre-game of things that really matter, and there was a lot to like about Saturday night’s performance against the Houston Texans.

No, the Cowboys haven’t “won” a preseason game yet, but preseason isn’t about wins and losses. It’s about finding good football players and seeing who’s going to be able to shine when the going gets tough.

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Some of our precedents have been confirmed over the past three weeks, but we’ve also learned a lot of new things. There were times of extreme joy and others where we were left confused and frustrated.

Here are our winners, losers and honorable mentions.

Winner: Lamb CeeDee

It was momentary, but CeeDee Lamb had a nice catch early in the game. If the ball is anywhere near him, it belongs to him.

It’s going to be so much fun to watch this season.

Winner: Cooper rush

It looks like we really have a backup quarterback competition on our hands. Cooper Rush was by far the best signalman of the night, he even entered the table for the preseason (with Ben DiNucci) with two touchdown passes, including one late in the first half.

Cooper has obviously served as a replacement for the Cowboys before. The team released it last year, but that was because they had a backup veteran in Andy Dalton and a project in Ben DiNucci. Changed enough that it makes sense for the job to belong to Rush again.

Winner: Tony Pollard

The scoring started for the Cowboys with Tony Pollard entering the end zone, and he went out of his way to make it happen. Pollard in space is a problem for the defenses.

Ideally, we see the Cowboys using Pollard (and Ezekiel Elliott too for that matter) in the passing game more this season.

Winner: Noah Brown

For my part, a few months ago, it seemed difficult to see Noah Brown make the list of 53 players. Especially after the Cowboys drafted Simi Fehoko.

Brown has been truly impressive throughout camp and the preseason so far, however. This take was among the most beautiful of the night.

He’s locked and loaded on the 53-man roster.

Winner: Jabril cox

Obviously, the whole conversation when it comes to linebackers quickly turns to Micah Parsons, but Jabril Cox has started to intervene recently. It was quite the tackle.

Cox gives the Cowboys a very good point of depth. It will be interesting to see how quickly it winds its way into the more legitimate spin.

Losing: Garret gilbert

It is becoming evident that the Dallas Cowboys have no one who is fit to be their quarterback in a world without Dak Prescott. Garrett Gilbert has been disappointing for three games now.

It was the team’s dress rehearsal. Ezekiel Elliott wasn’t there, but the whole starting offensive line, wide receiver group and tight ends were. If Gilbert can’t succeed here, when can he?

Losing: Ben DiNucci

What is there really to say at this point?

We know DiNucci isn’t long for the Cowboys roster, but it’s fair to say he came into this game with a chance to save himself. This does not happen. Three interceptions are impossible to overcome.

Losing: Special team penalties

As the second quarter went by, the Cowboys couldn’t get away with penalties. After erasing a nice gain on the third and long on what would have made the fourth down manageable, the Cowboys continued to build up.

As mentioned, this is meant to be when you are about to be ready for the regular season. These botched penalties (ineligible man in the field then false start) cannot happen against the world champions.

Losing: Simi fehoko

There wasn’t a lot of pop here, even during the whole camp. Fehoko entered the Cowboys with physical strengths that many people fantasize about developing great skills, but sometimes it takes time.

Cedrick Wilson and Noah Brown have firmly established themselves as the fourth and fifth receivers. Will the team be too afraid of losing Simi to cut him?

Losing: Nick ralston

It’s a bit tough, but Ralston entered this game with a full and obvious opportunity to announce himself as the squad’s back for the season, with Sewo Olonilua on the Weekly Injury Reserve news last.

There is still time to do it, but it has not happened.

Honorable mention: Rico dowdle

He still has one fumble on his preseason resume, but he’s firmly RB3.

Very good race here.

Honorable mention: Osa Odighizuwa

With Neville Gallimore out for a while, the Cowboys will need someone to tackle the defensive tackle. Osa Odighizuwa is making a lot of progress.

It’s hard not to pay Micah Parsons full and complete attention on this piece, but watch out for Osa. It’s a convenience store.

The depth of the defensive tackle seems odd.

Honorable mention: Cedrick Wilson

He caught a touchdown, which is certainly a winning quality, but his place in the roster has never been questioned. We know Cedrick Wilson is a very good player.

It was still nice to see this show again on Saturday night.

Honorable mention: Blake jarwin

There was only one take that night for Jarwin, but he was so invisible it was remarkable! Jarwin was successful in midfield, which is where he showed up against Houston.

Seeing how the team uses their two best tight ends will be very interesting.

Honorable mention: Bradlee Anae

It’s been the last week or so for Bradlee Anae as he started to grow strong and justify the belief people have had in him for so long. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Things are just a little crowded near the top at the edge of the rusher for the Cowboys, so if Anae can break through in any way, that will be more than welcome.

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