The National Football League is doing a terrible job of covering it up. If the league has a favorite division, it’s undeniably the NFC East. As the league’s most visible division, the NFC East watches it every week. One of the unfortunate ripple effects that ensue is that the players in there can sometimes be overrated as they are seen by so many people.

Brandon Lee Gowton and I discussed the NFC East’s most overrated players in the latest episode of the NFC East Mixtape. You can listen to the episode above and be sure to subscribe to the Blogging The Boys podcast network. on Apple devices here Where on Spotify right here.

In the end, we each chose an offensive player, a fielder, and a legacy player for each team. Here is a player from each team that we have discussed.

Philadelphia Eagles: Jason Kelce

The term “overvalued” can sometimes be taken in a strictly negative connotation, but my thought process is that it is literally that, someone who is valued higher than he should be.

Eagles center Jason Kelce has been among the best crosses in the league throughout his career, but it looks like his performance has gone down a bit right now. He’s obviously still very good, but he’s still mentioned in this truly elite lineup and the test of time may have knocked him out a bit.

Dallas Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott

This choice was not made to make the running backs really rely on the crowd, it was just an acknowledgment of where we are in our current moment. Zeke is often mentioned among the real elite running backs in the game right now and the reality is he’s just not here anymore.

There’s no question that paying a running back what the Cowboys did to Elliott isn’t the wisest investment and it’s a reality they have to live with. Part of the “overestimation” is the attention that big contracts bring, and there is no lack of attention when it comes to Elliott’s play.

Washington football team: Curtis Samuel

Terry McLaurin is one of the best players in the NFC East, but it looks like his team signed Curtis Samuel during the offseason made him forget.

Curtis Samuel presents a different weapon for Washington’s offense and it’s certainly interesting throughout the game; However, Samuel has never even touched 900 yards in a single season at this point.

Signing another wide receiver to make opposite plays to Terry McLaurin might be the thing Washington’s offense needs, but doing a big job on it might be pointless.

New York Giants: Saquon Barkley

Speaking of Ezekiel Elliott, we mentioned contracts as part of what makes a player overrated, just like draft stock.

While Saquon Barkley hasn’t really had a chance to prove himself in the NFL, he has little justification for the New York Giants dedicating the second overall pick to him in 2018. The pressure is really on him in 2021 to deliver and carry his team to legitimate success, but as a running back, even with a Herculean effort, that might not be enough.

There’s no denying that Barkley is the best running back in the NFC East, but overall he’s definitely someone who’s a little too excited.