“At LeafAI, we have made it our mission to address and begin to solve the problems of farmers, resource scarcity and access to economic identity. a place to have their voices heard and a chance to expand and grow above.Our vision doesn’t stop there, and with the “powerful” tools provided by the Cardano-Blockchain, we are building a place for everyone who is hungry for an open, trusted platform transparent platform called Leaf-MyGrow,” says Manuel Friedrich, Founder and CEO of Leaf AI.

Manuel Friedrich

The GreenLeafCoin (GreenLeaf) is the fuel or so-called network token for using the Leaf-MyGrow platform. Everything will be managed and paid for via GreenLeafCoins. However, fiat currency is also still accepted. Manuel’s ultimate goal is to use cryptocurrency as it is the only suitable solution, according to him. This is because of the increasingly digitized world, to be able to offer full transparency, integrity, availability and reliability from anywhere and anytime in the world.

Everything comes together and is managed through Leaf AI’s platform. For example, sensor datasets are analyzed and optimized through AI models provided by the company or the community, providing an archive of the most appropriate cultivation instructions in different environments and allowing people to vote on important topics concerning the agricultural world or the platform, etc. .

“By adopting one of our products for a farmer in need and joining the coin rewards program. Or just doing business and helping people grow their services or businesses. Depending on how the DID (digital identities) and governance are implemented, accepted or tolerated by governments and the law, we would also like to offer a decentralized crowdfunding service for small farmers and businesses looking for any form of support”, adds Lou Magiera, co-founder and chief blockchain officer.

“Integration like never before”
According to Manuel, the platform is going to have a big impact on existing ways of doing business, growing and communicating. This is because there has never been an opportunity to be integrated into the digital world while providing full security, transparency and availability for all.

“As we know, it’s all about the customers and a product that works well. So we decided to give our users and customers more freedom of choice and a place to make their voices heard. Being able to stay in touch directly with them and offering governance is the fastest and cheapest way to grow and improve the network with its features and products.”

Leaf AI uses the features offered by the Blockchain world and implements them in our platform, for example, disintermediation, high quality data, durability and security, high level of integrity, immutability and transparency , a simplistic ecosystem, empowered users, faster transactions. , reduce transaction costs and improve traceability.

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