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More New Zealanders will benefit from a rapid fiber upgrade, as Enable joins Chorus to boost base speeds to 300Mbps.

Christchurch users will benefit from fiber retarder

Enable, the fiber company serving Christchurch, tracks Chorus and increases its customers to 300 Mbps. The company says upgrades could begin on December 1, although that depends on retail service providers.

The upgrade could affect up to 90,000 homes in the Activate Fiber area. This is the number that is currently on the 100 or 200 Mbps plans.

Customers with upgraded plans will be able to download data at 100 Mbps.

Enable chief executive Johnathan Eele says his company’s customers use around 500GB of data each month. This is a 33% increase from a year ago.

In August, Chorus announced it would replace 100 Mbps lines with 300 Mbps lines at no additional cost to customers. The company is still working on the process with retail service providers, but expects some upgrades to occur before Christmas.

This decision will help strengthen the competitive position of fiber vis-à-vis fixed broadband and low Earth orbit wireless services in areas where technologies compete.

Fewer telecommunications complaints at the start of 2021

A report from the telecommunications dispute resolution service says it received fewer customer complaints and inquiries in the first half of 2021 compared to the previous year.

The number of complaints decreased by 24 percent to 935. Almost all of these cases (98 percent) were resolved or closed directly after initial TDR assistance. The rest went to facilitation and mediation or asked the organization to make a decision.

Increasing pace, sophistication of cyber attacks

The National Cyber ​​Security Center’s annual cyber threat report indicates that the number of serious online attacks continues to increase. At the same time, the NCSC reports that the attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication.

It indicates that there have been 404 incidents affecting organizations of national importance in the past year. That’s a 15 percent increase year over year.

The NCSC emphasizes that it focuses on large New Zealand organizations. This means that its numbers represent a small fraction of the total number of incidents.

Growth is in line with trends abroad.

Lisa Fong, Director of the NCSC, says: “It is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between state and criminal actors, especially in cases where we are able to intervene early, but also because the border between the state and the criminal becomes more and more blurry.

“State actors sometimes work alongside or provide safe havens for criminal groups, and we are seeing more and more criminal groups now using capabilities that were once only used by sophisticated state actors. “

Global Cloud Revenue Rises Thanks To The Pandemic

Gartner reports that global cloud revenue will reach US $ 474 billion in 2022, up from $ 408 billion this year.

The company says the Covid pandemic and burgeoning digital services are placing the cloud at the center of digital experiences.

Milind Govekar, vice president of Gartner, said, “Adoption and interest in the public cloud continues unabated as organizations pursue a cloud first integration policy for new workloads.

“The cloud has enabled new digital experiences such as mobile payment systems where banks have invested in startups, energy companies using the cloud to improve their customers’ retail experiences, or automakers launching new services. customization for customer safety and infotainment. “

UFB adoption crosses two-thirds milestone

In its latest quarterly broadband update, Crown Infrastructure Partners reports that UFB usage is now 66%. The fiber network now covers 327 municipalities. The average speed of UFB services is now 277 Mbps.

The CIP says the UFB program is now 98% complete and 85% of New Zealanders are now able to connect to fiber.

In other news

The Trade Commission gave
Eroadthe acquisition of Coretex the green light. Both companies sell software that allows fleet managers to learn more about vehicles and meet legal requirements.

A Reseller News article by Rob O’Neill indicates that the partnership between
Spark and Auckland-based managed services company IT360 helped the small business expand its reach beyond the North Shore and Waitakere areas.

Catalyst cloud appointed Doug Dixon as new CEO. Dixon joins Catalyst Cloud from ANZ where he was responsible for the practice for services and integration. He previously held technology positions for Kordia and ACC.

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