The pioneering audio communication company will develop a multisensory experience for the group’s British convenience stores.

Audiebant Media, a smart audio communications solutions company, announced its partnership with EG Group to develop a multisensory platform for the company’s convenience stores. It will integrate the Audio Out Of Home (AOOH), Digital Out of Home and Pump Toppers strategies to reach millions of car users at roadside retail outlets across the UK.

The tech company provides opportunities for its customers to connect with consumers through its advertising surround sound technology. The project consists of equipping the more than 370 EGs in the region to deploy fully immersive advertising and sponsorship campaigns.

“Our strategic partnership with Audiebant Media provides a comprehensive ‘Digital Out of Home’ audio marketing platform for convenience retail as well as pump advertising opportunities. The combination of Audiebant Media’s innovative technology and our extensive network across the UK provides an attractive platform for a variety of consumer brands to reach and engage new audiences, ”said Ilyas Munshi, Group Commercial Director EG.

“As refueling is an autopilot task, the Audie approach means brands can grab the attention of millions of captive listeners across the UK. With an average consumer spending 4-6 minutes at the pump per visit, this unique approach offers enormous untapped potential for advertising, ”commented Josh Dean, Chief Commercial Officer of Audiebant Media, of their role within the association.

Audiebant Media implements a signal detection theory in its systems, which states that messages must be different from their background to have an impact. The main function of technology is to enhance the influence that an advertisement can have on today’s customer, who is accustomed to skipping or ignoring advertisements.

It can also help transform and tailor campaigns to be regionally and hyper-locally targeted. With this new platform, EG Group and other brands can provide creative resources to broadcast or let in-house audio specialists create sound that conveys key messages with impact.

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