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Fonterra has launched a new online dairy platform that makes it easier for ingredient customers to purchase anything from powdered milk to specialty dairy proteins.

It’s called myNZMP and was introduced after customers asked for more convenience, more flexibility and more information when ordering ingredients, said Kelvin Wickham, CEO of Fonterra’s AMENA business.

“We all expect to be able to order products with the click of a button, and it’s no different for our dairy ingredients customers,” he told Country Sport Breakfast’s Craig Cumming.

Fonterra will roll out myNZMP Store to as many customers as possible, with the support of its NZMP sales teams around the world, Wickham said.

myNZMP made it easy for customers to find product information and get insights that helped them make purchasing decisions. He also managed and tracked their orders.

“Now with the myNZMP store, it gives them a more personalized online shopping experience. We also want to build this with a bit more of a seamless online/offline experience.”

This meant that customers could shop quickly online whenever they wanted and access order data and information, while having access to advanced ingredient support from NZMP’s experienced sales network when needed. need.

The myNZMP Store pilot was launched in September 2020 with a small group of customers.

It had since evolved month-to-month, “with the help of customer feedback and input from our sales team,” Wickham said.

“We’ve sold over $300 million worth of products to date and we’ll continue to grow that and improve performance.”

Fonterra expected myNZMP Store to become a significant enabler of its ingredients business over the next decade.

“We can look at how we deepen relationships with existing customers [giving them] new ways to work and interact with us,” Wickham said.

Fonterra also focused on health benefits and maintaining a low emissions profile.

This meant that it was essential that the cooperative’s sales team be freed up, to help customers get the most out of its advanced products.

myNZMP Store would play an important role here, particularly in helping Fonterra become more innovative “across the entire digital space,” Wickham said.

In this way, Fonterra could create more value for its farmers, customers and employees, and gain a competitive advantage.

“Even beyond myNZMP, there are some really exciting innovations underway to digitize end-to-end items throughout the supply chain, from farm gate to our customers,” Wickham said.