In the seventh episode of The illustrated episode of the horses of the morning horses, sponsored by title sponsor Straight Arrow Products, hosts Glenn the Geek and Sarah Evers Conrad chat with Jason Tice about the Frisian breed and the Friesian Horse Association North America, freelance writer Susan Friedland of Saddle Seeks Horse and her blogging adventures, and Horse Illustrated style expert Raquel Lynn on how to spend the holidays.

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Hosts: Sarah Conrad, Digital Content Editor for Horse Illustrated & Young Rider and Glenn the Geek, host of Horses in the Morning

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Jason Tice on the Friesian Horse Association North America

Frisian Horse - Jason Tice - Frisian Horse Association of North America
Photo by Viktoriia Bondarenko / Shutterstock

Jason tice was executive director of the FNorth American Riesian Horse Association (FHANA) for over 13 years. He came to FHANA based on his experience in membership management and event planning. Previously, he had planned events for the senior PGA tour on events such as the Allianz Championship and the senior LPGA tour on events such as the classic HyVee. He saw the Frisian breed gain popularity in North America, especially in the sports world and with the Amish community. Not only can this breed compete at high levels of dressage and driving, but they are now enjoying success in Western dressage. A native of Ames, IA, and a graduate of Iowa State University, his interest in horses began when he met his wife Jessica. They currently have a 22 year old Arab whom they raised from a baby and a thoroughbred off-road.

Additional information: We featured the Frisian breed in the August 2020 issue of Illustrated horse, but for those who are subscribed, you will be able to see another breed profile in the next January / February issue of Illustrated horse.

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Susan Friedland and her equestrian blogging adventures

Limerick Hunt - Susan Friedland - Equestrian Blogging Adventures
Photo courtesy of Susan Friedland

Equestrian author Susan friedland, founder of the popular blog Horse Seeker Saddle, shares his blogging adventures, horseback riding trips, authentic product reviews, and the joys and tribulations of life with Knight, his thoroughbred saint, kissing in the spine. Unbridled Creativity: 101 Writing Exercises for the Horse Lover, Susan’s latest book, fuses horse themes with creative questions to inspire the riding writer. Recent publications on Saddle Seeks Horse trends have been the Susan’s Horse Riding in Ireland series, Winter Horse Riding Gear: the Ultimate Guide, and recommended horse book reading lists. In addition to collaborating with brands to amplify their online presence, Susan works with individuals to improve their writing skills, social media literacy, and publishing for the equestrian market.

Unbridled Creativity Book - Susan Friedland
Photo courtesy of Susan Friedland

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?? Interview with Susan Friedland of Saddle Seeks Horse at Equitana

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Raquel Lynn on How to Have a Horsey Holiday Season

Raquel lynn lives in an equestrian neighborhood in Los Angeles with her husband Adam, mare Paint Fira, Mango the Pomeranian and four Silkie chickens. She works from home and runs two blogs: Stable style and Horses & Heels. Raquel also enjoys freelancing for a handful of popular equestrian magazines, including Horse Illustrated, Chrome, and Paint Horse Journal. She has just published her first book, Stable Style: Barn Inspiration for all Equestrians, available at Amazon and

We also featured Raquel in our Equestrian Influencers section. Read all about his urban lifestyle riding his horse Fira through the streets of Los Angeles, his career as a home writer and social media guru, and his two successful brands here.

Stable Style Book - Raquel Lynn - Horsey Holidays
Photo courtesy of Raquel Lynn

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