CoachED, powered by Kirsten, is the ideal platform for those looking to start or advance their cricket coaching education, or those looking for credible cricket framing certification.

This online program ensures certification is achieved simply, in a timely manner, and with no barriers to entry.

“Based on the growing demand for coaches to become certified as well as the lack of access for many coaches wishing to enroll in coaching courses, we have decided to expand our CoachED offerings to meet all cricket coaching levels, from basic to elite course levels and more,” explained Kirsten.

“We have developed a coach education program that has certified over 500 coaches around the world over the past two years, giving them the skills and knowledge to progress themselves and the game,” he said. he declares.

Kirsten and her CoachED team are passionate about providing access to high quality, structured cricket resources with the aim of raising the standard of cricket coaching internationally.

“We have worked with many coaches around the world who have complained about the many barriers to improving their cricket coaching skills,” he said.

“It’s about letting coaches who want to be better, be better. We are so proud of the many coaches who have joined the CoachED platform, become certified and got coaching jobs, all while improving themselves- themselves and their players.

“Our global coaching community is also working together to advance their education and careers, which is really exciting to see.”

Bringing together some of the best coaches and players in the game, while drawing on Kirsten’s years of coaching experience, CoachED has developed a comprehensive portfolio of courses that cater to coaches working at all levels of the game. .

The new website is easy to navigate and provides coaches with a wealth of resources and information to improve their game.

Coaches who have successfully completed the CoachED course requirements receive their digital certificate and join a global network of coaches, all benefiting from continuous learning and development.

CoachED has a wide variety of product offerings, including Enthusiast, Fundamentals, Professional, and Elite courses.

There is a course or program for anyone looking to certify their skills at the relevant stage of their coaching ambition, or become certified in their current career.

With registration open for CoachED Foundations and Fundamentals courses, it’s as easy as going to and register. For the CoachED Professional and Elite programs, admission is granted upon successful application on For more information, visit