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  • How does multiplayer work in As Dusk Falls?

As dusk falls is Interior Night’s 2022 interactive fiction game that puts you in the heart of a heist in 1998, and the fallout when it all goes wrong. It’s a stylized mix of high-tension crime drama with interactive decision-making and fast-paced events.

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The game is available on Xbox Series X|S and One, on Xbox Game Pass, as well as on Windows and Steam, as well as mobile connection via the As Dusk Falls companion app. An interesting feature of As Dusk Falls is its multiplayer approach, which allows users of all devices to take part in the choices faced by the game’s multiple characters, and is sure to add another layer of tension on top of the central story.


How does multiplayer work in As Dusk Falls?

As Dusk Falls allows you to play with up to eight players in a lobby, connected locally or online, in a mode that brings a party game element to key moments in the game.

  • Everyone can vote multiple choice selections, which can cover dialogue choices, actions, or items to interact with in a scene. These are set on a timer and the vote with the most wins. If there is no choice with the most votes, an option will be chosen at random.
  • Each of you has a limited number of Overrides you can use, which will allow you to ensure that your decision wins in a voting session. The default number of Overrides per game is three, but this can be changed in the settings menu. You can configure up to nine or even down to zero.
  • You will all contribute to rapid reactions to events, which show equivalent actions for each input device as they occur. These have a different outcome depending on whether everyone does the listed action correctly, and some quick events choose individual players to respond to. Quick event types and duration given to you can be changed in the game’s accessibility settings, for example to remove button override or set all quick events to one click.

Playing As Dusk Falls with cross-platform play is possible; however, each online player must be signed in to an Xbox account.

How to play multiplayer

Whoever controls the action of the game creates a lobby by creating a new profile or choosing an existing one, after selecting “Play with friends”. The rest of the group can then join in in different ways.

Local multiplayer

You will need multiple controllers to add more than one player account using the device hosting the game. Go to an available slot in the lobby with your controller and create or select a profile.

How to use the companion app

You can also interact with the game locally via the As Dusk Falls companion app, which is available on compatible Android and Apple devices.

This requires an internet connection and the application and the machine running the game must be connected to the same Wi-Fi or LAN network.

  1. Download the app.
  2. Select Join Game and enter the invite code displayed on the host’s lobby screen.
  3. Name your profile and wait for the game to start.
  4. Interact by navigating what’s happening on screen with touch controls when prompted.

If you lose your connection, quit the game, or quit the app, you will no longer appear in the game. The device will be reconnected to the session when the connection is restored or the app is reopened.

How to Connect to Online Players

You can invite friends from other Xbox or PC consoles playing As Dusk Falls to join your game through the lobby.

  1. In the lobby, select Go Online. The game is then connected to your Xbox Live account.
  2. Make sure other gamers are in your Xbox friends network.
  3. Choose between your friends who are playing the game, those who are online and those who are offline.
  4. Invite them to your lobby and wait for them to accept and begin.

You can add and remove players at any time via Manage Players in the pause menu.

Adding players will take you to the lobby, and you can then join from your last auto-save point.

What is the broadcast mode?

The broadcast mode allows a direct connection to your Twitch channel and broadcast the chat to vote on the picks.

  1. Enable broadcast mode before you start playing and enter your Twitch channel name.
  2. This will then connect the game to your channel and stream.
  3. This allows your cat to vote on the choices you make by responding with a ‘#’ and the number of the choice.
  4. You will manage quick events on your own and can also replace the chat.

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