Need to download a photo from Instagram? Maybe you downloaded a photo a long time ago and have since lost the original file, or maybe you’re interested in downloading a public domain space photo from NASA to use as your phone wallpaper. Whatever the reason, the good news is that downloading Instagram photos is easy.

In this photo we will provide step-by-step instructions for downloading a photo from Instagram using different methods, from third-party services to special tools built into modern web browsers.


How to upload all your own Instagram photos

Instagram provides a way to download all user’s photos with a single request, however, it takes up to 48 hours for Instagram to process the request and it is not possible to select which photos are included in the download. This method literally downloads everything from the user’s account, including all images, videos, and text as an HTML or JSON archive.

This option is only available when using Instagram from a desktop browser. It can be found in the Settings menu under Privacy and Security > Data Download > Download Request. A link to the data will be emailed after filling out the form and pressing Request Download.

Photos uploaded to an account may still exist elsewhere in their original form, and it might be easier to access them from that other location, whether on a memory card, in a smartphone, in cloud or on a backup drive. If the images only exist on Instagram, this method works, however, it’s probably best to only download what’s needed using the methods described below, as downloading every Instagram post can result in a very large amount of data.

How to Save Every Uploaded Instagram Photo

Instagram can optionally save every photo posted on the device. This can be chosen in the settings to avoid the time and effort otherwise required to download at a later date. Since the image exists locally on the smartphone, tablet, or computer used to create the post, it’s more efficient to download the image then. The idea is not to overwrite the original photo but to save a copy of the image with any filters or effects applied in the Instagram app.

Here’s how to tell Instagram to save every image posted to the smartphone’s photo library. From the account profile, the user should tap on the options menu at the top right, then Settings > Account > Original Photos (Original posts for Android).

A toggle switch will appear that should be turned on to automatically save published images to the device’s photo library.

How to Download Instagram Photos Using a Third-Party Mobile App

There are many third-party apps that can backup Instagram photos. Some are overloaded with ads or require a subscription for even the most basic features. Therefore, caution should be exercised when selecting an application.

Repost: for Instagram

One of the most popular and top rated iPhone apps with the ability to save Instagram images to photo library is called Repost: for Instagram. Repost is ad-supported but free to use and ads are currently non-intrusive. It includes a small attribution image in one corner of the image and places a copy of the post text in the copy pad, making it easy to paste.

Using Repost is quite simple. From the Instagram post with the image to be saved, the user should tap on the three dots at the top right to open the options menu and then select the Copy link button to save post URL to clipboard.

Switching to the Repost app, the post should appear in the app and tapping on it will open the sharing options.

The attribution mark can be placed in any corner with a black or white background. There’s a toggle for copying the caption and a Share button that lets you post to Instagram. To download the image, the iOS Share Sheet icon on the top right can be used and the image can be saved to the photo library or saved as a file.

Repost puts the text of the post on the clipboard and it can be added to the photo description by dragging and pasting it into the Apple Photos app.

Regrann – Repost for Instagram

Regrann – Repost for Instagram is available on the Google Play Store and is basically the same as Repost with a similar process for Android phones. After copying the link to the Instagram post, Regrann will load this post, and after pressing the Save button, the image will be stored on the device in the Regrann folder.

Regrann also copies text from the post so it can be pasted into any document or text field to provide context to the image and an attribution mark can optionally be placed over the photo.

While both of these apps make it quick and easy to create an image that credits the Instagram account that posted the image, it’s always a good idea to ask permission to reuse a photo.

How to Download Instagram Photos Using Third-Party Website

When using a computer, it is easier to use a third-party website to download an Instagram photo. As with mobile apps, several are available. Downloadgram is fast, free, and ad-free, making it an easy choice. The user can copy the link to the Instagram post, paste it into the text field at the top of Downloadgram and click Download now to import the image and the Download button to save it to disk.

An Instagram photo pulled from Downloadgram with a download link below.

This website even works for smartphones, but it lacks the attribution mark which is easily applied with an app. Also, the text of the post has to be manually copied and pasted.

How to Download Instagram Photos with Browser Developer Tools

A desktop web browser usually has web development tools that provide access to the hidden code used to display website content. The browser can’t display an image unless it’s downloaded to the device’s memory, so it’s just a matter of locating the image.

For most browsers, viewing the code of a webpage can be done by right-clicking anywhere on the webpage and selecting the Inspect menu option that will open a web page inspection panel. Some browsers require a developer mode to be enabled first in the browser settings.

Once the inspector pane opens, clicking on the Network tab will reveal all uploaded content for the page. Clicking on the sub-tabs for Img or Image, then Preview will filter the results to images only, and clicking on any filename on the left will reveal a small preview of that image.

Pressing the up or down arrows allows you to quickly move through the list to find the right image. Once it is found, right click on the file name and select Open in tab or Open in window will open the photo in its full size and quality available on Instagram. This saves the photo to the computer using the File menu or right-clicking and choosing save picture.

Is it legal to download Instagram photos?

The legality of downloading Instagram photographs for various purposes is beyond the scope of this article, but it is certainly a very important thing to review and consider. In particular, making money or receiving commercial advantage from an image uploaded without permission from the copyright holder could potentially land you in legal hot water for copyright infringement.

The easiest and most correct way to avoid any problems is to always request the right to use a photograph from whoever owns the copyright. In some cases, it may not be the Instagram account that uploaded the photo and some research may be required to determine who can approve the use of the image.

Should you download Instagram photos?

In addition to the issue of copyright when downloading and using other people’s photos, there are also privacy considerations when viewing and using other people’s photographs. Even though it’s technically legal to upload someone else’s photos, it’s good taste to be sensitive to how the images are used. By taking only the image without any related text or other context, the original meaning may be altered or confused.

A little consideration goes a long way to keeping you out of trouble and it’s pretty simple to direct message or comment and ask about image reuse. Attribution is often requested even when permission is given and is easily done by copying and pasting a link to the post or account name and text associated with the photo.

When it comes to your own photos, make sure you have an original backup of all your photos, as Instagram is a photo sharing service rather than a long-term photo archiving service. If you somehow lost an original photo that you previously uploaded to Instagram, you can certainly use the steps outlined above to download that photo from Instagram, but keep in mind that Instagram resizes uploaded images up to 1080 pixels wide, so you probably won’t get your photo back to its original resolution.


Downloading photographs from the Internet or a social media application can be difficult by design, an effort to reduce the misuse of copyrighted images. There are of course legal and valid reasons for saving photos from Instagram. The user does not need to resort to a low resolution screenshot to download an Instagram image when there are applications, websites and tools built into a web browser that can download the photo in full quality on computer, iPhone or Android phone. .