Since its launch in September 2016, TikTok the short video sharing platform created by ByteDance, has become one of the fastest growing social networks and has been downloaded over 20 billion times since its launch. TikTok is now available in more than 40 different languages ​​and contains billions of videos uploaded by users, but how to download TikTok videos for free to watch offline? This guide for the TikTok Downloader will show you how.

Tokkit 4K Interface

4K Tokkit is a free downloadable cross-platform desktop application that allows you to download many TikTok videos. If you want unlimited downloads, then a Pro version of the TikTok Video Downloader can be used for commercial applications. The software allows you to backup your TikTok account and save videos from other TikTok profiles or hashtags directly to your desktop. Which makes it perfect for those who want to create a digital gallery of favorite short clips to upload to other social media platforms or grab multiple TikTok videos simultaneously. 4K Tokkit also offers auto-download options that allow it to search for new videos and save them to your computer on its own.

Tokkit 4K Software

Bulk download videos from TikTok

It may appeal to TikTok users wishing to save their video creations or download multiple videos at once to know that the 4K Tokkit Desktop App provides an easy way to download multiple TikTok videos. TikTok does not provide this feature on its web versions and only allows you to upload one video at a time through the TikTok mobile app. It can be very frustrating if you want to share multiple videos with your friends or if your phone is running out of storage.

Save TikTok Videos

4K Tokkit was designed to provide you with the “ultimate TikTok video downloader”, let’s say it’s creators and provides an easy way to free up storage space on your phone if you have already downloaded a lot of videos TikTok on your mobile device. The software allows you to curate those cherished TikTok challenges and videos from hashtags, captions, or entire accounts, allowing you to quickly save your videos or a friend. 4K Tokkit can download single videos, song-related creations, and multiple videos to your desktop at once, all in high quality. For example, TikTok challenges videos and hashtag content as an MP4 file on your computer up to 720p resolution.

4K Tokkit Downloads

Once installed, the Tokkit 4K Software provides an easy-to-use interface and enables fast video downloading, even when large amounts of video are being processed. Choose where you want the software to download the TikTok videos and they will be available indexed and ready to be searched and played from the 4K Tokkit desktop app when needed.

Supported by Windows, Mac and Linux

The Tokkit 4K TikTok video downloader software is available on Windows, Mac and Linux Ubuntu. Allows you to download videos directly to your computer saving storage space on your phone or tablet and allows you to create a catalog of your favorite TikTok videos for offline viewing.

When you use 4K Tokkit to back up your TikTok videos, the software provides an easy way to organize content and captures not only the video, but also cover photos, captions, and more. It also allows access to them all offline. Store them on an external hard drive or network attached storage device to free up space on your computer if needed. The software also lets you search for videos in your collection using multiple filters, including creators, hashtags, and music.

4K Kit Features 2

Price and availability

The 4K Tokkit app is available for free download, allowing you to check out all of its features before parting with any hard-earned cash. No credit card is required and there is no trial period allowing you to use the app for as long as you want if you don’t mind a bit of in-app advertising.

Tokkit 4K Plan Pricing

With the Free version, you can download two simultaneously from hashtags, TikTok accounts or song-related content simultaneously and up to 50 videos per day. If you want to have access to more daily downloads, a Personal version is available offering 10 simultaneous downloads and up to 500 daily downloads.

Enabling Tokkit 4K

Unlimited TikTok video downloads

Personally, I find the Pro Version excellent value for money, allowing you unlimited simultaneous downloads and unlimited daily downloads. Allowing you to download as much content as you want from the TikTok platform without any restrictions. The Pro Version also includes the ability to download video subtitles and export URLs and can be used for commercial purposes. The Personal and Pro versions are ad-free.

Download all videos from TikTok creators or hashtags

If you want to download TikTok videos from a specific creator, the 4K Tokkit software will automatically analyze the creator’s profile to generate an index of all the videos they have posted on TikTok. Using the hashtags feature allows you to detect certain trends and download all videos for that specific hashtag. These can then be combined to create videos documenting the most popular viral hashtags over the past six years since TikTok launched.

Automatically download new videos

If you want to download a huge list of TikTok videos from different accounts, hashtags or challenges, 4K Tokkit provides an easy way to do that. Allowing you to download TikTok videos by date, allowing you to target videos that were posted during a specific time period. You can even set the 4K Tokkit app to automatically download new TikTok clips from your favorite TikTok creators and hashtags. The app will automatically and regularly check for new videos, which you set and download new content when it arrives without you having to do anything.

Tokkit 4K Features

Supported languages

4K Tokkit Languages

New features coming soon

The engineers and development team responsible for creating the Tokkit 4K The TikTok video downloader app is also working on new features such as the ability to download videos from private TikTok accounts of users that you can follow as well as the ability to change your TikTok location. Allowing you to browse and download TikTok videos in other geographies. Once integrated, you can simply switch to another country using the proxy configuration built into the 4K Tokkit app.

Download 4K Tokkit desktop app for free now!!

The 4K Tokkit app has been downloaded by over 11 million users and allows you to easily archive and store TikTok content on your desktop computer. To know more about downloading TikTok videos using 4K video downloader app Tokkit and the availability of new features, visit the official website where you can subscribe to the newsletter of the company to receive information about special offers and more.

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